Bamboo Fiber Straws


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What makes it Eco-friendly?

100% biodegradable and compostable straws made from natural bamboo fiber, that complies with ASTM D6400 / D6868 standards. This means if they re-enter the environment, they will biodegrade safely without harming surrounding plants and wildlife. They are made using 100% natural plant fiber so they are plastic-free, BPA- free and Chemical-free. These bamboo fiber straws are food contact grade approved; therefore, they are safer for you, your family, and the environment.

How are they manufactured and is the process eco-friendly?

The process of manufacturing bamboo straws is completely sustainable. First, the stalks of the bamboo tree are cut off and dried naturally under the sunlight. After the stems have been cut into suitable lengths, they are sanded, filed, and etched to create a natural and smooth finish.

How does it work in comparison to similar products?

Eco-friendly in comparison to plastic straws Reusable & Bio-degradable Strong & last quite longer Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-odor Handmade without the use of any machinery

How do we dispose of and how long does it take to decompose?

Bamboo straws are entirely compostable. So, don’t worry about adding them to your recycle bin. This is even better than recycling, as recycling takes energy and resources. After you finish your bamboo straws, you can put them back into nature or in your compost to break down naturally.

Biodegradable – bamboo straws take about one year to decompose.

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