Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (20 Pack) With a Washable Laundry Bag And Round Box for Storage, Reusable Bamboo Cotton

4.44 out of 5
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Skin Type All
Material Feature Reusable
Unit Count 20.00 Count
Number of Items 1

  • ECO-FRIENDLY – ZERO WASTE – Replace your disposable cotton rounds with our reusable makeup removing pads. Designed to last for years of use, you’ll never have to use throwaway wipes, sponges or paper towels again. Use our super-gentle wipes on their own with makeup remover, or with your favorite facial products. Then simply wash & reuse.
  • WHY CHOOSE GREENZLA? We’ve put together the perfect pack of 20 reusable makeup remover pads, storage container and cotton laundry bag, everything you need for a home beauty regime that’s ecologically friendly and zero waste. Plus, these natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin or dry skin.
  • BONUS EXTRAS – We’ve included a cotton drawstring laundry bag and an attractive container to make using and storing our reusable rounds even easier. Perfect for short and long trips away – just pop your wipes into the laundry sack that doubles as storage on-the-go.
  • NATURAL BAMBOO & ORGANIC COTTON – The multi-layer design of the pad makes it soft & absorbent, yet thick enough to use both sides as if you’re using 2 pads. The pad’s surface is made from ultra-soft natural bamboo and organic cotton material. This makes them perfect for face cleaning and skin care.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – With Greenzla, you know you’re buying a brand you can trust. We specialize in products that are not only eco-friendly, but work exactly as stated – that’s the Greenzla guarantee to you. Absolutely love them – or we’ll give you your money back. Our bamboo cotton wipes set will make a perfect gift for all your eco-conscious friends, so buy a set for yourself and one for them!


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reusable cotton rounds makeup remover pads environmentally zero waste pads for face pad bamboo eco

reusable cotton rounds makeup remover pads environmentally zero waste pads for face bambaw spaces

reusable cotton rounds makeup remover pads round makeup zero waste pads for face toner facial pad

Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

reusable cotton rounds makeup remover pads



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10 reviews for Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (20 Pack) With a Washable Laundry Bag And Round Box for Storage, Reusable Bamboo Cotton

  1. 4 out of 5

    Marcia Lynn

    Very SoftI don’t wear makeup, but I purchased these Makeup Remover Pads, because I have dry eye/allergy eyes. I tried Eye Wipes For Dry Eyes, but they were drying out my eye lids, and making my eye lids itch.These Makeup Remover Pads are made from Bamboo. They are very soft. I rinse them out with cold water, and they stay damp for quite awhile. I don’t add anything, other than cold water to them.They came with a laundry bag, which is nice, to put the soiled Makeup Remover Pads in, until you are ready to wash them.I think they could of come in a nicer storage container, because the cardboard container they come in, two sides are taped, so that you need to remove the tape, to open the container, which peels off some of the cardboard, making the storage container less than nice looking.I love the fact that these Makeup Remover Pads are Reusable, and they are so much nicer, than disposable Makeup Remover Pads.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Perfect! Little reusable pads!I love these Makeup Remover pads! I have been using them for a couple of months now. I actually only use them to apply toner before my moisturizer. I hang the laundry bag inside my vanity and when I finish using one I just put it directly into the bag. Then once a week when I am washing workout clothes I just throw the bag in with that load. (I do not use fabric softener on workout clothes). Then they go straight into the dryer on low setting. Come out perfect every time.That being said Mascara will sometimes stain them especially if you use waterproof Mascara. (I do not). Also I would not use them to remove nail polish. But I love not having to buy those little round pads anymore.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Takes off makeup like butter!!This is the softest and smoothest thing I’ve ever used to take off makeup. No disposable makeup wipe or cotton round has gotten makeup off as clean as these bamboo pads have. I’ve also used makeup cloths and none does better than these! Not to mention how soft they are, I cannot even describe how soft and gentle these are on your face. Love these!!! <3

  4. 4 out of 5

    Amy B.

    The pads work greatI love these reusable pads and they wash very nicely- however I did not like the bag that is to be used in the washer… it is cheaply made, hard to open /close…. The second time I washed them, the bag opened and they were all over the washer… so I got a different washer bag. But the pads themselves are great.

  5. 4 out of 5

    Kenneth Johnson

    LOVE THEM!So perfect for applying my nightly toner. I have intense facial stubble. Cotton pads ALWAYS shred and leave fuzzies all over my face. These wash really well. I’m too impatient to let them air dry, so they have kind of started curling and aren’t really flat, but that doesn’t matter to me at all. If you air fry then they stay flat. You could iron them flat again. Not a problem for me. Would be nice if the box wasn’t cardboard so you could reuse it to store then. I still use it to store them, but wish it was like a bamboo or plastic container.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Terri R. Cameron

    Perfect Reusable Makeup Remover Pads20 pads included that are easy to use and easy to wash. Came in a reusable washable bag (but wish they had included two bags so that you can put the dirty ones in to wash while keeping the clean ones in other to use as needed). Instructions were clear letting you know to only wash 10 at a time. Do not dry in dryer. So far so good and exactly what I was looking for to lessen my throw aways.

  7. 5 out of 5


    reduced the amount of wasteI love these. I used to use the disposable cotton pads but decided to get these instead. The cotton pads were just completely wasteful. These, on the other hand, are not only soft but are quite convenient. No longer will I go back to using regular cotton pads.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Easy to useLove these for removing makeup and applying toner. I keep them on my counter and have the wash bag hung up on the towel rack. I just pop the used one in the bag and machine wash the bag when I am about halfway through the supply.

  9. 3 out of 5


    Not for me personallyThese pads have pros and cons for me, but overall sadly I wouldn’t repurchase – that said, I have spoken to the company directly about my feedback and they said they would take it all on board, so that’s amazing!Firstly the presentation is beautiful; they come in a little cardboard tube, nice and snug with a wash bag. You get quite a few pads for your money, which I wasn’t expecting.They are more rigid than other pads I’ve used, so are easier to wipe around your skin, but I don’t feel like these are gentle enough to use around the eyes as a result.I’ve been using these with toner; and when you pour some onto the pad if you’re not careful, it immediately runs straight off. Then once it has soaked it, it kind of soaks in so much it soaks up the product.I feel that if you want these for removing a face mask or cleanser, then they will be perfect for you. But If like me, you are looking to replace your standard cotton wool rounds and use them to remove eye makeup and toner, then I don’t feel they really work for me.I hope my review is useful.

  10. 1 out of 5


    Not great at all unfortunatelyUsually I’m loathed to write any reviews, but having purchased 3 different brands types of reusable pads, it’s only fair I give potential buyers mho of their value. Of the 3 brands this brand is the least functional and has the least quality. I mistakenly bought 3 tubes, but here is why they score the lowest for me:1. After washing them before use, they shrink out of shape, remaining permanently smaller than original size2. The stitching around the edges is way stronger than the centre pad, so when the centre pad shrinks after washing in the bag, it folds the pad out of shape (like a prawn cracker) even if you try to pull it back into shape (a pain in the neck for a total of 60 pads). It then dries out of shape too.3. Softness and absorbency is awful, I have to use 5+ pads to clean my face. I only have to use 2-3 pads (same size) when using the other 2 brands I bought.4. The packaging is good, so I decided to use the tube containers to hold the other brand pads :)The best pads I’ve used so far are the ones by HOMMINI. I’ve washed them so many times and brutalised them and yet they don’t shrink or break up. They are basically the reverse of these pads AND at the same price!! They are everything the seller describes IMHO.I have a skin condition so have to use soft absorbent pads to clean my face. Wish I had only bought 1 tube of them. 🙁 Hope this helps before you buy.

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