BLAVOR Solar Power Bank, PD 18W QC3.0 Fast Charging 10W Wireless Charger 20000mAh Solar Powered Powerbank with Type C

4.56 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)


Connector Type USB Type C
Battery Capacity 20000 Milliamp Hours
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 14/14Pro/13/13Pro/13Pro Max, iPhone 12/12Pro/12Pro Max etc
Color Orange

  • [Brand-Oriented & Outdoor Charger Pro]: With over 10 years experience of solar charger power bank, BLAVOR has already gained the favor and trust of over 27 million global users. BLAVOR only uses the highest-grade materials, to provide safe and reliable products to customers
  • [Reliable Quality & Worry-free Services]: We are greatly confident in our qualities, we recommend you order our products together with other similar products of the same price range and compare their quality and battery capacity. If not satisfied, we offer 30 days of hassle-free money-back services for any reason.
  • [USB-C PD & QC3.0 18W Fast Charging]: The unique PD 18W USB-C output can charge the laptop that supports PD protocol. The QC3.0 USB port of portable solar charger supplies Max 18W output, 50% faster-charging speed, greatly shortens the time of recharging your device, and has zero damage to your devices
  • [Wireless Charging for Multiple Devices]: 10W/7.5W/5W fast wireless tech auto-pairs your cell phone/AirPods with the optimal power to offer you worry-free fast wireless charging experiences. The cell phone solar battery charger equipped with 4 outputs (2 USB-A,1 bidirectional USB-C, wireless charging) , supporting charging 4 devices simultaneously, flawlessly compatible with nearly all mobile devices
  • [High Capacity Solar Phone Charger]: REAL-RATED 20000mAh high capacity. BLAVOR’s solar battery pack uses the safer Lithium-polymer battery, 50% more cycling times than a normal Li-polymer battery. With a full charge it can recharge the iPhone14 4.6 times, Samsung S22 4.2 times, and the iPad Air twice
  • [Premium Material & Super Bright Flashlight]: BLAVOR solar camping charger adopted flame-retardant ABS+PC materials, IPX5 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The built-in super bright flashlight and the included compass carabiner would further secure your safety during outdoor travels, a best tool for survival in emergency
  • [Industry-leading Warranty]: 3 months replacement, 3 years warranty, and lifetime technical support. BLAVOR offers considerate and prompt pre-sales and after-sales customer services. Any problems, feel free to contact us, our dedicated team will get back to you within 24 hours


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Product Description

blavor solar phone charger power bank external battery backup 10000mAh


· As the outdoor solar charger pro, we are brand-oriented. With over 10 years of experience in portable power banks, BLAVOR has already gained the favor and trust of millions of global users.

· BLAVOR always bears in mind that quality makes the future in the internet age. To maintain high quality, we use only the highest-grade materials and safe premium high-density lithium-cobalt batteries.


About BLAVOR PN-W12:

Advanced USB C Input&Output: Flawlessly fit your new iPhone, iPad, and all upcoming USB C devices. The USB A to USB C cable is included, saving you the cost of getting an extra cable.

Real-Rated 20000mAh: PD18W, QC3.0 18W fast charging, a solar charger with a high-capacity battery, juices up your devices promptly anytime. It can also power the flashlight for up to over 100 hours with a full charge.


The unique PD 18W USB-C output can charge your laptop that supports PD protocol (12V 1.5A).

Reliable backup power charger, in case of an emergency power outage.


3 outputs (2 USB-A, 1 USB-C) and a wireless charging area, in total support of charging 4 devices at the same time, with a high battery capacity, the power bank solves the need for charging when traveling with family and friends.




Place your wireless-enabled phone in the wireless area, and turn on the power bank to recharge your phone. NO messing charging cables, enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle.

The newest advanced bidirectional USB C port supports most new and upcoming USB C powered devices. PD18W fast charging technology for both input and output.

BLAVOR solar charger has three output ports and is widely compatible with most smart devices. Totally 4 outputs support charging 4 devices simultaneously.




The power bank can be recharged via an adapter and solar power. It is recommended to use adapter charging for daily use, and take solar charging as a backup charging resource.

The solar charger comes with a carabiner, which helps you easily hang the charger onto your backpack. The built-in compass points the direction for you outdoors.

Bright LED headlight flashlights: Solar power bank built-in bright flashlight with a brightness of 680lumens and a range of 262 feet can send out an SOS distress signal.


Package Contents: BLAVOR 20,000mAh Solar Charger*1, USB-C Cable*1, Carabiner*1, User Manual*1.

BLAVOR takes good care of all your potential worries, so you can rest assured with the purchase.

Additional information

Weight 1.04 lbs
Dimensions 6.9 × 3.3 × 1.1 in
Product Dimensions

6.9 x 3.3 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

1.04 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 1, 2019


Unisex Adult Mens Womens

Country of Origin




10 reviews for BLAVOR Solar Power Bank, PD 18W QC3.0 Fast Charging 10W Wireless Charger 20000mAh Solar Powered Powerbank with Type C

  1. 5 out of 5


    High Capacity, Clever FeaturesGot this for my mom after the storms and power outages in Northern California. The literature that comes with it clearly explains that solar charging only will take a LONG time for a full charge, so I don’t fault it for not charging quickly with solar. I explained to my mom that solar charging is “worst-case scenario” and to charge it via wall plug when the forecast predicts a major storm, and otherwise, to keep it in a sunny area for a trickle charge.Wireless charging pad works quickly and well. Built-in flashlight an added bonus. “Press-and-hold” operation a little clunky, but understand reasoning for making button multi-functional. Would recommend/purchase again.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Prince Logan

    Honestly the best thing everThis product has helped me in several countries & even during power outages back in the US. Able to charge my MacBook, Apple Watch & IPhone several times in a single charge. Expect it to take 8-10 hours to fully charge but definitely worth the wait. Solar charging is iffy works but take like 4 days for it to fully charge. Wireless charging is awesome but very spot specific. Flash light and compass comes in handy but not really used that often. Would suggest they strengthen their USB ports as one has broken but for a product I’ve had 4+ years still 10/10. Would order another anytime…. But if they gave me another for free would love that too

  3. 3 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Edited Review: Solar charging doesn’t seem to workEdit 4/11/23: I upgraded my rating to 3. It takes about 12 hrs to fully charge when plugged in. I finally got mine charged. So, changed my one star to 3 stars based on that. I can’t give it more than that because the solar charging does not work. I’ve had it sitting in full sun for several days and it hasn’t changed.I am also not happy with the companies tactics to get me to delete my review or change it to a 4 star. Yes, they offered to refund me plus give me $20. But that doesn’t fix the issues with the product. They are very aggressive with this tactic sending my many emails. This makes me very suspicious about the review process.————————————————————————————————————-I bought this in 2021 for a kayak camping trip. This battery bank never fully charged. Even when it was plugged in. The blue indicator lights just kept showing it was charging. For hours. So, needless to say I stuck it in a drawer and was going to deal with it later to see if I could get it to work. Then I forgot about it. Recently came across it and tried again. Nope. Does not work and never has.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Elokin smith

    Great long lastingWe use this to light up our loominoodle all night as we camp and it always lasts. We also use it to charge our cell phones and such. Great battery and reliable.

  5. 5 out of 5


    LegitI have tried several of the cheap power banks, they are junk. This seems to be as advertised and works well with my kids tablets. Spend a little more money for something like this.

  6. 4 out of 5


    Disappointed. Solar charging not workingThe media could not be loaded.

     Charges when i plug it into the wall but won’t charge under my plant grow light 12”, 8”, or even 1” away. Which should sufficient, keeps my plants alive because the direction my window the sun doesn’t give off enough light for them so theres a good amount of bright white light and research says it should. I received it last night and I was excited to test it but after dark thought I’d try the plant grow light for now to test the solar charging but so far doesn’t seem to be working.👎🏼 I’m gonna try under direct natural sunlight 12-2 afternoon and/or when it’s sunny later and hope it works that way so I don’t have to do a return. I’ll update later.Aesthetically pleasing and looks durable. Wireless charging on my iPhone 11 with an otterbox commuter works great and charges fast too though.👍🏼 Update: i put it under bright sun today and wouldn’t charge hardly. Like being in the sun for several hours and blue charging lights would only come on indicating charging for a like 5 minutes at the sunniest hottest point of the day but when under the sun towards mid to late afternoon and early morning wouldn’t solar charge, only when it was at the high point like 3ish out of several attempts which was really disappointing and wasn’t as receptive to light as i was hoping. Think I’ll probably try a different one. Also last night fully charged and only fully charged once and 2 half charges and it just died on me an hour ago. Lasted one day and it was under the sun all day on the dashboard/on the passenger seat with my car windows ventilated of course while i was did deliveries. Surprised when i researched and thought this would do better than that according to the description and the expensive price.I was contacted by a representative from Blavor after I had already returned this in response to my review and she tried giving helpful tips. Great customer service but I already ordered a different solar bank to replace this one. My search for the best solar power bank continues. But I appreciate her following up and making an effort to address my concerns. Updated my rating accordingly from 1 to 4 stars. Great customer service seems rare these days with how the world is and I very much appreciate her effort and politeness also. 👍🏼👍🏼

  7. 5 out of 5


    SOLID, HONEST SPECS, WINNER!Blavor is listing real specs on the product page along with realistic expectations such as making clear the limitations of the solar panel on this unit “…that the solar charging is just an additional feature, the actual result may not be as positive as you expect due to the large capacity, small panel size” is a very honest accurate statement missing from so many sellers of these type units. Refreshing. It is actually the best quality solar panel I have seen on these type units, however a small 300mA panel will only be a trickle charger, but still nice to have handy as it is pumping some energy into the batteries. My background was electrical design engineering, I love solar power and have many large arrays and portable solar units…. so I know a little more than the average consumer about what to expect. All my portable solar chargers work to charge this unit. The Blavor power bank received was of higher than typical build quality and weighed in at about 465g. I tested the capacity (after three cycles of full charge and discharge to bring capacity up in a new lithium battery) and it met its capacity rating. Perfect for outdoor actvities such as hiking, camping, and as a robust travel charger with its re-enforced rubber corners adding to impact resistance and its water resistance to common drink spills etc. It is not waterproof, so think rain drops or splashes. Certainly I would trust its drop and water resistance over my unprotected Anker banks. The simple compass tested accurate for what it is.A few very minor issues with my unit were the living hinge for the USB output port, it ripped easily and is barely hanging on…so you may want to reinforce that with some mesh tape and shoe goo, or even a fishing line loop easily sewn in so that it dosen’t get lost. I’m sure they will fix that minor issue, but for now use your ingenuity, especially if you are a maker 😉 The flashlight was a bit into the blue tint cool white spectrum and for camping this really needs to be more warm white (personal preference) or at least neutral white. I may void my warranty and replace the blue tint cool white LED with a warm white one 😉 Also the fast input charging via USB C or micro USB on mine is picky as to what charger it will let fast charge it (likely a fluke issue with my unit and further tests pending, it will “quick” charge at 5V almost 3A if you have an adapter rated at 5V 3A). The USB C output fast charges all my devices fine, and all other USB outputs charged at specification as I tested each one carefully over several devices with USB testers and known reference devices. The wireless charger is very good and charges through my thick otterbox phone case, it works with everything that is wireless charging that I own…Unit has a flat rubberized ring on the wireless charger to help resist slipping of a device or slipping on a surface when solar charging. Low power wireless ear bud cases performed well on the wireless charger. Overall, it is a feature rich soild unit. The protective Blavor branded box and packaging is top notch, hard for unit to be damage in shipping. I plan to buy another one when they come back in stock and encourage other folks to support an honest seller.

  8. 4 out of 5

    Kindle Customer

    Pretty amazingThe only issue is it will just turn off sometimes and stop charging so you need to sorta babysit it. May only be a problem with mine I’m not sure

  9. 5 out of 5

    Brad Causey

    Better than my non solar onesAs a pilot I have more than one portable charger. This one is my favorite. Charges quickly by leaving it in a window. The compass and flashlight are very handy. I like the red bumpers on the case. Makes it easy to find in my flight bag. Highly recommended!

  10. 5 out of 5

    To Protect the Innocent

    Winning CombinationI bought 3 Blavor powerbanks to try them out for backpacking. I got the 10,000 and 20,000 solar, and the 16,000 5-panel folding. THis one, the 20,000 is a good choice, but not always the best choice.First, it’s rugged, great for hiking. THe solar puts out 300mA, will will take 67 hours for a full charge, and put on 1.5% per hour. It could put 60% into my Galaxy phone in 8 hours in full sun. Slow, but acceptable in an emergency, but not sustainable for an extended trip.What’s great about it: power delivery. There was an older version of this powerbank which only output 5 volts 2 amps, but this new one supports 18 Watt Power Delivery. It can quick-charge my phone, and quick-charge itself. It has Qi wireless, which is critical for backcountry safety, because charging with a cable can fail with dirty or broken connectors.I measured the capacity at 64.6 Watt-hours, which is 17,460mAh at 3.7V delivered. Not too bad!It’s heavy at 510 grams. Not the best for hiking, as 20,000 mAh is quite large, and more than you need for a day-trip. The 10,000 powerbank would be better for hiking, but that one doesn’t have power delivery, just 5 volts. Then there’s the 5-panel folding 16,000mAh, which is better for backpacking, because it can actually recharge the powerbank, but that’s also 5-volt only. Too bad!So this powerbank misses the mark, because it’s too big and heavy for day-trips, too weak on solar for extended trips.

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