Linen Bread Bags, Pack of 4 Large and Extra Large Natural Unbleached Bread Bags, Reusable Drawstring Bag for Loaf, Homemade

4.33 out of 5
(7 customer reviews)


Material Cotton Linen
Product Dimensions 15″W x 11″H
Closure Type Drawstring
Color Natural Linen
Number Of Pieces 4
Size Large and Extra Large Bread Bags
Reusability Reusable

  • Linen Cotton
  • KOALAND PREMIUM PACK: You Will Receive 2 of 11 x 15 inch Large and 2 of 15.5 x 19.5 inch Extra Large Bread Bags that will fit Bread Loaves of all Sizes
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our Drawstring Bread Bags are Made of Natural & Reusable Linen That Holds Strong After Countless Washes and Uses
  • BENEFIT of Natural Linen Bread Bags: help avoiding other Bread Storage Bags that can Soften your bread quickly. The Linen Material keeps your breads fresher for longer. All Bags Have A Drawstring Closure to Maintain Freshness
  • FIT MANY BREAD SIZES: Our Bread Saver Bags Can Keep All of Your Favorite Types – Sourdoughs, Loaves, Short Baguettes, & Pastries. You Can also Use Them To Shop And Store Fresh Produce. Our Linen Bags are Reusable. They are Truly Your Solution to a Better Lifestyle
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Our 4-in-1 Reusable Bread Bag Set is Truly the Perfect Wedding & Housewarming Present For Bakers, & Non-Bakers alike (because Who doesn’t Love Bread?).


Product Description

bread bags koaland linen bread bags for homemade breads bread storage sourdough bread bags

bread bags koaland linen bread bags for homemade breads bread storage sourdough bread bags

Large Bread Bags for homemade, bakery loaves

Fresh produce bags bread bags linen bread fresh koaland linen homemade bread bags

Linen Bread Bags by Koaland, Pack of 4

Are you looking for premium & 100% natural reusable bread bags?

Want them to be washable, strong & to close conveniently with a drawstring closure?

Look no further than these KOALAND Artisan Bread Bags, which are specifically crafted with the love for bread in mind. We know you don’t want your precious loaf of bread kicking around in a paper wrapping, even more so if you bake your own! Use our bags for loaf to:

.. protect your bread from sunlight

.. keep them cool and allow them to breathe

.. reduce your plastic and paper use

Quality you can depend on!

Here is why you should immediately select the original KOALAND reusable bags for homemade breads:

– Crafted using beautiful, rustic linen to keep your breads fresher. The 100% natural linen fabric allows breads to breathe

Strong drawstring closure – All bags can be carried by the two cotton drawstrings

– Inside seams are doubly sewed and reinforced for added strength and durability, they are to last for years and years

– Linen bags are washable and reusable. They are your perfect solution to living a better lifestyle

Our 4-in-1 Set includes:

– 2 of 11 x 15 inch Large Linen Bread Bags, ideal for Oval, Round Loaves & Artisan-style Crusty Pastries and 2 of 15.5 x 19.5 inch Extra Large Linen Bread Bags, made to store all those Bigger Loaves

Linen Bread Bags for Homemade breads natural storage bread

Giftable Kraft Box

KOALAND Linen Bread Bags now come in a Nice Kraft Box, ready to be Gifted to those Bread Lovers in your life!

FAQ: How to keep your bread fresh for longer?

Not all bread is created equal. Different types of breads have different shelf life.

Homemade and bakery loaves have shorter shelf life than commercially produced breads.

However, extending their freshness a bit longer is possible with these tips:

✔ Make sure you close these bags tightly, wrap them around the loaf if you store a smaller one. Natural linen allows the breads to breathe, which is why it can dry the breads out.

✔ Keep breads at room temperature, away from sunlight

✔ Use foil or wax paper to protect the sliced ends of breads, this will keep the ends soft. Or you can wrap the whole loaf with foil or wax paper before placing it in the bread bag.

Care instructions for these linen bags: Cold machine wash or Hand Wash with a gentle detergent. Do not wring. Line dry if you can. Warm iron.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 11 in
Part Number


Item Weight

‎11 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎15 x 15 x 11 inches


‎Large and Extra Large Bread Bags


‎Natural Linen


‎Cotton Linen

Number Of Pieces


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

November 2, 2019



7 reviews for Linen Bread Bags, Pack of 4 Large and Extra Large Natural Unbleached Bread Bags, Reusable Drawstring Bag for Loaf, Homemade

  1. 5 out of 5

    Junkyard Cat

    Incredible bread bagI would be remiss if I didn’t review these bread bags. I’d be doing not only myself a disservice, but the peoples of the internets who are looking for quality cloth bread bags.Note to the wise: keeps tabs on who you lend these out to as you may not get em back!I humbly challenge anyone who bakes bread to buy these as they are some of the nicest cloth bags I’ve ever gotten before. I love the larger and smaller sizes to fit my varying sized loaves. Boulees and batards fit nicely in either size and the strings cinch up with ease.You can use em for yourself or give out bread in these bags! Makes transporting them painless and what better way to give people bread than in sleek looking bags?Great bags and I will buy more in the future!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Family heirloom qualityI am so excited to have these bags to slip my next batch of quarantine-sour-dough into! It makes me feel like a next-notch up baker!This is a great product and some of the reason why there are not all five-stars (easy to clean) is because of the quality of the product that is so good that it makes it impossible to just toss in with the laundry — this is real linen and it should be treated like something of quality. The printing is excellent as well — these look like there is no chance of it coming off over time. I could see handing these down and they would be as readable as old flour sacks from 100 years ago.Also, there are four bags in two sizes. Even the two smallest ones are more than adequate for a 500g+ loaf (sandwich bread size). The two large ones could swallow up a long French bread loaf (not super-long-going-for-the-gold-at-the-state-fair-size), or a challah loaf right before it gets sliced into the best French Toast you have ever had!As for the packaging, it does come in a plastic sack and it would be super giftable if it was in something that was a bit more flattering. What was a true stand out was the quality insert that was NOT attached to the product but thoughtful laid inside. It then gave great care instructions that, again, reflect the product’s quality and traditions of usage that go pack to hanging out to air dry. Amazingly, they even note that they are working with their supplier to change the packaging!I mean, this isn’t some mass market, mass produced product from a chain store shelf — this is high quality limited run stuff. I mean, she signs the care instructions with her email address – heck this is more of a point in time snapshot of who this company is, the 2020 newsletter, than an instruction sheet. It is so cool. I’m going to store it with my bags like it was Some early edition Lodge cast iron when my grandmother first got one.So, if you want to upgrade from 1 gallon Ziplocks, cozy up to your spouse or best friend and let them know how much more bread they would get if these baby’s suddenly arrived with free 2-day shipping.I was in no way compensated for this review and don’t know “Kim” beyond that email address I told you about above. It’s just my birthday and I had a great day and wanted to 5-star this great gift.

  3. 2 out of 5

    Greg J. Lovern

    Bread Goes Stale Quickly; Inferior to 8¢ Grocery BagsI’ve made literally thousands of loaves of bread with our breadmakers, over the last several years. With three teenage boys, sometimes we go through a loaf a day. Other times, when my wife has brought home snacks, the boys eat less bread and a loaf might last us a few days.I try to keep three baked loaves in the pipeline to avoid suddenly running out, so all told a loaf might be a week old by the time we finish it. I keep it in the refrigerator until it’s time to slice it, but after that my wife insists on keeping it out so it’s room temperature for her use.I had been using the old kind of thin plastic grocery bag. I’d put a doubled paper towel at the bottom of the bag, and a single paper towel over the top of the loaf, to keep it from getting wet in the bag. It worked great.But our autistic child gets impatient with the bags and tears them open, destroying them. When stores stopped offering that kind of thin bag, eventually I ran out. So I thought, why not do it right and get cloth bags like these?But no. The bread goes stale quickly in these bags.So I paid 8¢ for a few of the new thicker plastic grocery bags. Like before, I used paper towels to keep the bread from getting wet in the bags. It worked great. The thicker bags are a little harder to tie shut but it works.I’m surprised to be so disappointed in these cloth bags. They’re well made. We have one of them in service now as a snack bag for the minivan.But I would strongly recommend against using these bags for bread. Unless you like stale bread. In which case, maybe don’t use a bag at all? The 8¢ plastic grocery bags work much, much better to keep bread fresh.

  4. 4 out of 5


    Cute gift, but not durable enough for a serious bakerCute- better as a cute gift than a serious item to buy for yourself, if you actually plan on using them a lot. They’re not very durable. They arrived with many loose threads. I did run it through a “hand wash” gentle (cold) cycle in my washing machine and that didn’t destroy it as others warned, but the detergent (I only used a small amount- maybe a thimble full for all four bags) nonetheless stained the bags. This was just regular Tide liquid detergent. So, probably don’t do that. The bags aren’t entirely blue but there are streaks now. Anyway, I knew washing them was ill advised and that’s not the source of my durability “complaint.” The material is just not particular strongly held together. Again, it’s cute. But I don’t suspect I’ll get more than six months or so of regular use out of these bags (I bake bread once or twice a week).

  5. 5 out of 5

    Michelle Whisnant

    Perfect sized for my sourdough loaves.I love these, they are both practical and look lovely on the counter.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Brenda Boyce

    Bread bagsI really like these bread bags. Nicely made and cute design on it.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Karla A.

    Me encantaronSon una maravilla, si solo se guarda el pan en las bolsas de lino si se pone duro el pan. Pero se me ocurrió guardarlas en una bolsa de plástico y se mantiene bastante fresco el pan.Evitamos el plástico y el papel, también le han servido para hacer compras a granel de algunas semillas y legumbres.una excelente compra

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