Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles – Lightweight Collapsible Hiking Poles, Shock-Absorbent Walking Sticks with Natural Cork

4.78 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)


Brand Foxelli
Material Carbon Fiber
Color Black
Shaft Material Carbon Fiber
Extended Length 55 Inches

  • 100% CARBON FIBER: Foxelli Trekking Poles (also known as Nordic walking poles or hiking sticks) are made from 100% carbon fiber material, which is known for its incredible lightness. Each pole weighs only 7.6 oz, allowing you to move quicker and faster while exerting less energy. Carbon fiber is also shock-absorbent and significantly minimizes the impact on joints. Durable and sturdy, these walking sticks are designed to withstand even the most challenging hikes or backpacking trips.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Thanks to the quick-lock technology, Foxelli collapsible hiking poles are incredibly easy to use and a breeze to adjust – locking them in place takes only a few seconds. The sturdy locks are designed to firmly keep the walking poles in place and prevent them from sliding down, offering you the ultimate stability. Retractable from 24” to 55”, they work for a wide range of different heights, including both short & tall MEN, WOMEN & even KIDS!
  • PROVIDING THE ULTIMATE COMFORT: The anti-slip natural cork grips absorb sweat and moisture and will keep your hands cool and dry during those challenging long-distance hikes. The extra-padded, fully adjustable, breathable wrist straps make sure that you don’t accidentally drop your poles, and provide you with the maximum comfort throughout the day. The extended foam sleeves, made of soft EVA foam, will aid you during switchbacks and abrupt changes in terrain.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL CONDITIONS: From challenging ice mountain climbing to casual strolling around the neighborhood – our included heavy-duty accessories and tungsten carbide tips will not let you down, whatever the terrain or the season may be. Thermoplastic rubber tips & baskets strongly attach to the trekking sticks, so you can forget about losing them on snowy or muddy trails. A carrying case and a carrying clip are both included for easy, convenient storage and transportation.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Don’t worry about missing Amazon’s 30-day return window. We offer a 120-day, no questions asked returns together with our One Year Warranty. If – FOR WHATEVER REASON – you don’t like it, we’ll make sure to take care of that. Buy with confidence!


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Lightweight carbon fiber hiking poles, with natural cork grips, flip locks, all terrain accessories

Move faster & further with less effort - improve posture, alleviate weight, maintain balance, ...

All seasons & terrain accessories

Approved by thousands of happy customers!

Additional information

Dimensions 4.6 × 3.2 in



‎Carbon Fiber



Shaft Material

‎Carbon Fiber

Extended Length

‎55 Inches

Handle Material


Item Weight

‎0.44 Pounds

Lock Type


Base Material

‎Thermoplastic Rubber

Package Weight

‎0.82 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2 x 2 x 25 inches

Brand Name


Country of Origin

‎Puerto Rico

Model Name

‎Foxelli Trekking Hiking Walking Poles

Part Number




Grip Type

‎Natural Cork with Foam Extension



Date First Available

July 12, 2016



10 reviews for Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles – Lightweight Collapsible Hiking Poles, Shock-Absorbent Walking Sticks with Natural Cork

  1. 5 out of 5


    Easy to use and effective!We bought these just before covid so didn’t get a chance to use them until recently. We find them easy to adjust, comfortable to hold, and helpful when we need them. Good product; glad these are the ones we bought

  2. 5 out of 5

    Janet Davis

    Best trekking poles ever!This is my second set of Foxelli poles. They are the best I’ve ever used. Excellent quality, easy to set up with simple and clear directions provided. Conveniently collapsible, elegant design. I’m 72 with back, ankle and foot issues but still do some limited hiking. These poles are a wonderful tool to keep me in the game.

  3. 3 out of 5


    Great poles, poor serviceI now own two sets of these. Why do I own two sets of them? Because I broke the bottom segment of one of my first set while hiking in the Grand Canyon. It was totally my fault, I slipped in the mud and fell sideways with them against a rock. No trekking poles on the market would have been undamaged under the same circumstances, so it’s not an issue with the poles. No, the issue was when I wrote the company explaining that I broke mine, totally my fault, and how could I purchase a replacement bottom segment. Two days later they replied asking for my proof of purchase so they could warranty them. I replied that I was not looking for a warranty replacement, just to buy a replacement segment. Three days later they replied they could not help me without proof of purchase from them or Amazon. I replied that I did not purchase them from them or Amazon (I think maybe a Cabelas, but I forgot). Two days later they then replied that they could not replace them under warranty but that I could purchase the bottom segment on Amazon (I had done a search and hadn’t found it) and included a link. In all it took about a week and a half and several email exchanges to get a link to where I have purchased the replacement piece and it works great (and showed me just how much I’d worn the carbide tip of my old one!) $8 on Amazon here. Meanwhile I had purchased another set because for the money they are great carbon fiber poles. $60 vs $200-300 for other brands with no weight savings to speak of. I’ve looked at some of the higher priced poles and maybe the grips are a tad nicer, but not 3-4 times the price nicer. Anyway, purchase with confidence, and there is a replacement bottom segment available on Amazon if you break yours.

  4. 5 out of 5

    T J Glommen-McCloskey

    Very Impressed With These Trekking Poles!!!I just received these and haven’t gone for a hike with them yet. However, after checking them over and comparing them to other poles I’ve owned or checked out: I’m Quite Impressed!Just before ordering these, I had purchased 3 different sets of poles at Cabelas: 2 Kelty styles and 1 Yukon so my wife, who wasn’t with me at the time, could see what she liked. These were both clamp lock and twist to tighten styles. She didn’t like the twist style because she was concerned that she couldn’t grip tightly enough, especially if hands were sweaty, to tighten them sufficiently. Only one style had cork handles, which we both really liked because it seemed clear that the grip would be much better than the other non-cork handles–especially with sweaty hands.Here are the features we especially like about these Foxelli poles:1) the cork handles are great and we liked the fact that they had a lower “knob” to help keep hands from slipping down. The other poles we checked out with cork handles didn’t have this–only the “knob” at the top.2) the dense foam-like grip area beneath the cork handles, also with a “knob” at the bottom which could be really useful if a lower hand position might ever be needed in some circumstances while hiking. This was one of the things we had noticed when reviewing poles online that caught our attention. It’s as great as it seemed when we were evaluating different poles. Other poles had nothing else to grip beneath their handle, other than the pole itself–which would not provide sufficient gripping area.3) The thumb-screw tightener on the clamp-locking mechanism is an exceptional feature. I tried these while setting all the clamps to optimal tension and they worked great. The poles I’ve had before did not have this, so it’s good I typically carry a Swiss army knife with me because I’ve had occasions, while hiking, that the clamp was not tight enough and pole was slipping–a screw driver was required to tighten the clamping mechanism.4) The poles are very light weight. No trekking poles we’ve owned, of the ones we checked out at Cabela’s are heavy, but these were noticeably lighter. I trust the carbon fiber construction will result in their being as strong as aluminum poles we’ve owned or checked out, and less prone to bending or breaking–time and trekking will tell.5) These Foxelli’s had more tip choices than any other we found, with the addition of the rocker-style rubber tip that seems could be very useful especially on pavement or more solid ground. Some other poles did not include the broad snow tip, which could be useful here in WI, where we typically get lots of snow in winter.6) The storage / carry bag is a really nice feature, especially with 4 different styles of tips, to be able to keep everything together when not in use. We were surprised it had an external velcro-closed pouch that holds all of the tips. We had expected the tips would just get stored in the bottom if the bag–which would not have been nearly as convenient as the external pouch. I’m not sure if we’d ever need the over-the-shoulder carry strap while hiking and would likely pick the tip needed for the day’s conditions. However it would be a nice feature if we ever wanted to bring the bag along.7) The “bonus” mini-flashlight was nice to have included and also fits in the pouch.8) We like the fact that Foxelli is a small family-owned business. The overall quality and workmanship on these poles seems to be excellent. It’s important to support businesses lie this.9) At $64.97, we felt these poles were a very good value. It was a bit surprising that the advertised discount for 2 or more sets of poles was not reflected in the checkout price, but this did not detract from our interest in these.Now, on to the hike and “field-testing”. Hopefully I’ll remember to post a follow-up review after we’ve hiked with them awhile but, so far, I see nothing that could lead to disappointment. Keep up the great work Foxelli!

  5. 5 out of 5


    Love these!I was able to trek through the woods for about 2.5 miles to see some ice caves. The trail was a bit ice covered in spots with a lot of hilly terrain. I couldn’t have done it without these sturdy poles and good ice cleats.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Dennis Cox

    Robust QualityMade from Carbon Fibre, so light weight and robust. Extension, to suit any user height, is good with lever clamps easy to use and firm hold. Hand grip is Cork and comfortable. This is a Quality lightweight product worth the price.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Very good QualityThis review is for the Foxelli Carbon Fiber Walking/Trekking Poles. These are fantastic quality at a very reasonably price. Being carbon fibre they are very light weight and are easily adjustable with markings on the side and flip locks to lock the sections. The grip is made of cork with a foam rubber lower grip, the straps are very comfortable and are clevery adjusted without the use of a buckle. They came with snow baskets, mud baskets, road feet, normal feet/tip covers, carry bag and a belly/bum bag. I have never had trekking poles before so took them out to some flat ground nearby and I got on with them very quickly. They will help my walking on Dartmoor and will increase my stability going up and down rough ground and crossing streams etc. They are extremely good value and I can’t wait to get on the moors with them.

  8. 5 out of 5

    CM Devon

    Superb quality product excellent valueThese poles are truly the best! Lightweight yet strong easily adjustable and comfortable grip. Excellent for rugged moorland terrain too. Thank you very much! You have one supremely happy customer!

  9. 5 out of 5

    Amazon Kunde

    Never used poles? Try Foxelli. Ridiculously effective7 days of walking with 8kg backpack in the wilds of West Coast of Scotlands mixed stone paths and boggy mountain terrain. Foxelli CF poles played an essential role. Performance was excellent. Light weight, well constructed, sturdy, easily deployed, dependable when negotiating tricky terrain all delivered at a descent price point. If you haven’t used poles before they will surprise you.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Gemma Kilborn

    Look & feel good.Feel sturdy & lightweight

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