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California Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash | 100% Plant-Based (USDA Certified) | Allergy Friendly | Baby Soap and Toddler Shampoo for Dry, Sensitive Skin | 562 mL / 19 fl. oz.


100% PLANT-BASED BABY WASH - IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: This vegan baby shampoo and body wash is made with only 100% plant-based ingredients (USDA certified bio-based). California Baby Soap and Shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and contains organic ingredients. GENTLE HAIR AND BODY WASH: Suitable for all ages, including babies, kids, and adults with sensitive skin. Our 2-in-1 California Baby calming body wash and baby shampoo cleans hair, face, body, and sensitive areas without irritating or drying the skin. NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES: Our baby body wash and shampoo is scented with the finest pure essential oils that are tested pesticide free. This baby wash and shampoo is lightly scented with a beautiful, calming blend of French lavender and clary sage essential oils.