WeeMoose Premium 304 Stainless Steel Baby Bowls with Removable Silicone Shell | Set of 4 Bowls | Toddler Food Bowls Snack Container


WeeMoose PREMIUM 304 STAINLESS STEEL BABY BOWLS - Made from premium food-grade 304 stainless steel, these baby feeding bowls are scratch resistant and easier to clean and sanitize than plastic bowls. The unique removable silicone shells easily slip onto the bottom of the bowls and provide a soft touch finish that insulates from heat, prevents the bowl from slipping off the table, and reduces the loud banging noise typical of stainless steel hitting against hard surfaces! HYGIENIC FOOD-GRADE 304 STAINLESS STEEL - There is a reason why 304 stainless steel is widely used in professional kitchens. 304 Stainless steel’s long-lasting durability, scratch-resistance and hygienic easy to clean surfaces are also great reasons to use it in your home. It’s easier to clean (Dishwasher Safe!) and doesn’t scratch or discolor like plastic dishes, and is lightweight and won’t shatter or break like ceramic dishes. Stainless steel and metal bowls are not microwave safe. UNIQUE REMOVABLE SILICONE SHELL – Each baby bowl comes with a colorful food-grade silicone shell that easily fits over the bottom of the stainless steel bowl. The soft-touch silicone shell insulates little hands from hot food, reduces the ringing/clanging noise from placing metal bowls onto hard surfaces, and prevents the bowl from sliding off the table! Silicone shell easily removes for cleaning, Dishwasher Safe!