Alter Eco | Dark Chocolate Truffles | Pure Dark Cocoa, Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free | 60 Truffles (Medley)

  • THIS IS A VARIETY PACK OF 60 DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - SEA SALT, SALTED CARAMEL, CLASSIC DARK, SILK VELVET - MELTY, SILKY, GOODNESS, Mint Creme, and Super Dark - Fans of our award-winning bars will recognize the deepest, smoothest, Dominican dark chocolate surrounding these sumptuous truffles. Inside, cocoa butter and nourishing coconut oil unite for a creamy center.
  • COMPOSTABLE WRAPPERS AND RECYCLABLE BOXES - Does it get any more sustainable? Our compostable wrappers and recyclable gables make every Truffle that much better. These claims are in accordance with Vincotte OK Compost HOME certification standards.
  • MADE WITH PURE COCONUT OIL - We make our Truffles with 100% pure Coconut Oil. We want you to have the best for your body, and your taste buds!
  • ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE - Certified by the USDA Organic and Fair Trade! Our organic chocolate starts at the soil, and is finished with FSC Certified recyclable packaging.
  • A NAME YOU CAN TRUST: Since 2005, Alter Eco has been a trusted name in delicious and eco-friendly snack foods. Because we use all natural, organic ingredients in our chocolate, it is more susceptible to melting when shipped to warmer locations.