Cleaning Cloths

REDECKER Reusable Cellulose Dishcloth, Bulk Set of 10, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloths, Machine Washable, Durable, Absorbent, No Odor, Made in Germany


BIODEGRADABLE: Our eco-friendly dish cloths are made entirely of sustainable and natural materials (70% cellulose and 30% non-GMO cotton); these renewable resources are compostable so that you get the best quality clean with the smallest environmental impact ULTRA-ABSORBENT: These cloths are more absorbent than cotton tea towels, cellulose sponges or paper towels; sponge-like texture quickly absorbs spills and is perfect for drying dishes, scrubbing down surfaces and wiping counters clean GENTLE BUT STRONG: Non-abrasive cellulose and cotton blend is great at cleaning pots, pans, sinks, ovens, ceramic cooktops, glass, stainless steel and more; cleans thoroughly without scratching

Whiffkitch Bamboo Dishcloths & Cleaning Cloths 6pk, Large 9x9in, Scrub-Non-Scratch, Washable, Reusable, Super Absorbent, Hygienic, Quick Drying, Durable, Kitchen Essential, Washcloth, Dish Rag


QUALITY COUNTS with our top selling dishcloths, they’re eco-friendly, reusable, long lasting-that means economical and waste reducing. Bamboo is a sustainable resource, super lightweight, quick-drying, easy-to-clean-washable, odorless, lint-free and soft to the touch. Each cloth is a THICK 2-ply, highly absorbent cloth with a shaggy looped outer weave, and a tight under-weave that supports SCRUB-NON-SCRATCH on multilabel surfaces, making them highly efficient in the kitchen. GET TOUGH on dirty build-up in the kitchen and bathroom, with our SCRUB NON SCRATCH texture making them perfect on NON-STICK PANS, STAINLESS STEEL and GLASS. At 6" x 7", our dish cloths fit comfortably in your hand without folding or wadding up when it's time to do the dishes, clean appliances, or wipe down counters. They are a great size for storage around the sink. ECONOMICAL because you CLEAN GREEN WITH SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO. Expect LONG-LASTING cloths and we mean years of productivity from these eco-friendly sturdy cloths. WASHABLE, REUSABLE, DURABLE and naturally HYGIENIC. Each dishcloth has a finished edge in colorful piping to prevent fraying and hold the shape through many washings. It also makes it easy to designate a certain task to a cloth. Use cloths for dishes, glass, stainless steel, counter tops, and one for scrubbing veggies.