Dryer Balls

Friendsheep Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack XL Organic Premium Reusable Cruelty Free Handmade Fair Trade No Lint Fabric Softener Honey Bee Bumblebee – Busy Bees


100% ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE, HYPOALLERGENIC, CHEMICAL FREE, REUSABLE, BABY SAFE, BIODEGRADABLE. Made of premium New Zealand wool, contains no fillers or additives. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and babies. ECO-FRIENDLY AND REUSABLE FOR 1000+ LOADS, replaces dryer sheets & liquid fabric softeners. Makes your laundry soft and fluffy, reduces wrinkles and static cling, and shortens drying time by up to 40% depending on load size. Your sheets and towels are fluffier, less balling and twisting. Makes you SAVE TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY! All by keeping safe and healthy you, your family and the environment. YOUR PURCHASE PROSPERS FAIR TRADE: MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! Carefully handcrafted by nepalese women for fair wages in ethical working conditions: medical care, education, and purpose to empower underprivileged people. Surprise your family and friends with your uniquely decorated, fair trade, and beautifully hand felted organic wool balls.

Simple Natural Products Wool Dryer Balls – Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets for Laundry Supplies – Reusable Wrinkle and Static Guard Wool Balls – Unscented for Sensitive Skin (6 XL Pack)


Simple Natural Products - Dryer balls were designed to be a natural alternative to fabric softener balls, wrinkle and static reducers, and fabric softener liquids. The durable and long-lasting design ensures that you can reuse these fabric softener balls for many laundry loads. Fragrance Free - Unscented laundry dryer balls can be helpful for adults and babies with sensitive skin. They are most effective if used with baby laundry detergent or other non-scented detergents, but essential oils can be used on these laundry balls if you choose to add any sort of scent. Pack of Six - A six pack of extra-large laundry balls for dryer are provided in a canvas bag for laundry room organization and storage. To help reduce drying time, you should use all six wool balls for dryer for larger loads and three for smaller loads. These are a perfect last minute home essential to give to residents of a new home.

Wooly Heroes Dryer Balls – 100% Organic Wool – Sustainable & Eco-Friendly – Dry 1,000 Loads


DRY YOUR CLOTHES FASTER OR YOUR MONEY BACK. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Dryer balls laundry speeds up drying time by 20%-40% so you save time, money, and energy! This or your money back. Guaranteed for life. ALL NATURAL, ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE TO DRY YOUR CLOTHES! Annie from Amazon.com says "They really helped bring the dry time down. They are not only beautifully designed but they are also so practical and better for the earth. No more dryer sheets needed!" MADE FROM 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND WOOL. These dryer wool balls contains no chemicals or synthetics. Perfect for sensitive skin, babies, toddlers, and pets!