Personal Cleansing Wipes

Simpleaf Flushable Wet Wipes | Eco- Friendly, Paraben & Alcohol Free | Hypoallergenic & Safe for Sensitive Skin | Soothing Aloe Vera Formula with Cucumber Scent | (25-Count) 4 Pack


🥒 CUCUMBER SCENTED FLUSHABLE WIPES: Are you looking for premium quality and reliable wet wipes? Do you need them to be gentle on your sensitive skin and free of harmful ingredients? Would you like to be able to flush them out after every use? Then look no further because the Simpleaf flushable wet wipes are everything you’ve been looking for and more! 🥒 LEAVES YOUR SKIN FRESH: The wipes are infused with a gentle and effective cleansing solution, removing dirt and impurities from your skin. With a single swipe, these wipes will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean, without any harsh residue. The wipes are also pH-balanced, hyper sensitive making them safe for all skin types. 🥒 SAFE FOR SEPTIC SYSTEMS: The wipes are designed to be safe for your plumbing and septic systems, making them easy to dispose of without causing harm to the environment. No more clogged pipes or septic system problems! Say goodbye to the environmental impact of traditional wipes.

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes, Face and Body Wipes for Post Workout and Camping, Wipes for Adults, Large Wipes, 40 Count


UNSCENTED WET WIPES: Clean yourself with our unscented biodegradable wipes from head to toe without being overwhelmed by a smell or attracting unwanted bugs on the trail. Our wipes are alcohol free, pH balanced, and made with aloe. Suitable for sensitive skin. IDEAL CLEANING WIPES FOR POSTERIOR PAMPERING: At some point, a “number two” is inevitable while out in the woods. The soft cloth of our biodegradable wipes will definitely help keep monkey butt at bay. DEGRADES NATURALLY: After that number two in the woods, simply bury the body wipe and the magic starts to happen. Our camping wipes biodegrade naturally and start to decompose 28 days after use, taking only 6 months to fully degrade, far shorter than 100 years for plastic-based baby wipes.