SuperBee Dentos 100 Toothpaste Tablets, Fluoride Free & Eco Friendly, Sensitive Bites for Kids and Adults, Chewable Spearmint


HOW TO USE SUPERBEE DENTOS? - These toothpaste tablets are waterless powder pressed into a tablet. You just need to pop a tablet in your mouth and chew it up into a paste and brush as usual. Spearmint flavour to have fresh breath. SPARKLY WHITE TEETH - Looking for ways to get rid of stained teeth? With Dentos mouthwash tablets achieve the clean sparkly whites you’ve always wanted. These whitening toothpaste tabs contain salt and baking soda to ensure a deep cleaning. FLUORIDE - FREE TOOTHPASTE TABLETS - Spearmint mouthwash tablets made with natural ingredients. Chewable toothpaste fluoride free and do not contain chemicals, so as not to damage your teeth and gums. SuperBee cares about your dental health!