12 Inch Heart Shape Latex Balloons


【Eco-Friendly】 Afterloon Biodegradable Balloons are safe to use around children, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, they are made from natural rubber latex, which is derived from rubber trees, and break down over time into natural substances. This helps to reduce the amount of waste and litter that accumulates in ecosystems and minimize the impact of balloons on the environment. 【Sufficient Party Decoration Supplies】 100 pcs 12" balloons, use these thick round solid color balloons to create a nice unique Backdrop for Helium Floating your occasion, or make a bouquet with a bunch of these balloons. They can be used include baby shower, graduation ceremony, birthday party, engagement, wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, celebration, opening ceremony, etc., making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. 【More Durable】 Thickened balloons have a thicker wall than traditional latex balloons, making them more durable and longer lasting. They are less likely to pop or deflate, which makes them a great option for special events and celebrations where they will be used for extended periods of time.