Fireplace Fans

CLXDQ 6-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan, Low Noise Flue Pipe Fireplace Fan, Eco-Friendly Wood-Burning Stove Fan for Home Wood/Log Burner/Fireplace.


[Upgraded 6-Blades Design] More blades, faster speed will provide larger and wider air volume, more efficiency diverting the warm air horizontally all-around your house. [Energy Saving] No batteries or electricity required! This eco friendly fan allows you to get the maximum heat from your wood burner stoves. The improved hot air circulation and ensures greater comfort, while reduces the wood consumption of the stove. [Operating tip] It starts spinning when the temperature gets around 60°C, and works most efficiently when it gets around 85-250°C (176-482 F). Do Not exceed 350°C (662 F), avoid using the fan at high temperature continuously for a long time.