Beeswax Taper Candles 10 inches Natural Honey Comb Hand Rolled Dripless Eco-Friendly Smoke and Soot Free Tea Candle Gift Box for a Romantic Dinner or Special Occasions Set of 6 (6)


Handmade Candles: beautifully crafted from 100% pure natural beeswax with high quality cotton wick Fragrance: scented honey and floral nectar; place in candlestick holder and enjoy a natural aroma Keep your candle away from wind and drafts - it will burn unevenly and drip down the sides.

BOLSIUS Rustic Pillar Candles – 30+ Hours Burn Time – Premium European Quality


BELOVED SINCE 1870 - SUPERIOR QUALITY: At Bolsius Candle Factory no detail is too small to make it perfect, and these Décor Candles are no exception, crafted from the richest dyes, trimmable wicks, and long-burning wax for a stunning Party Event that lasts like our reputation. LONG-BURNING FAR REACHING - CHEMICAL & SOOT FREE: While most Pillars sputter out quickly, Bolsius spent over 50 years mastering the art of candle making, constantly honing our recipe to ensure every Candle delivers the strong, long, impressive play of light that sets just the right mood. METALLIC & RUSTIC TEXTURE – These décor candles feature a modern rustic metallic texture and design that makes them ideal for sprucing up your home, office, or business with a more sophisticated and natural ambiance.