EcoPeaceful 316 Surgical Stainless Steel Mason Jar Lids REGULAR Mouth – Rust-proof, Airtight, Leak-proof, BPA-Free, PVC-free, Vegan, Reusable – Not for Canning


✅10 REGULAR MOUTH STORAGE MASON JAR LIDS: 316 stainless steel lids with silicone gaskets (total 20 pieces). NOT FOR CANNING. ✅LIQUID & DRY STORAGE: airtight leak-proof silicone seal. ✅OVEN, FREEZER, DISHWASHER SAFE: Temperature range -40F to 425F. ✅ HIGHEST FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: ✅ 316 SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL is used in biomedical applications & has the best rust-proof properties, moisture tolerance, strength & food safety.. ✅ 100% PURE SILICONE SEAL: NO FILLERS - NO WHITE WHEN PINCHED: If silicone turns white when pinched or stretched, it indicates low-quality silicone or added plastic fillers. We are paying extra for the best silicone for durability & food safety. ✅ WHY USE 316 SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL, NOT PLASTIC OR ORIGINAL CANNING LIDS? Even though the lid is on top, liquid vapors collect & drop back down. Canning lids rust, has PVC/vinyl (worst type of plastic) coating and seal. Studies show most "BPA-free" plastic is NOT BPA-free and/or replaced with worse chemicals. Plastic sheds micro-plastics & leaches harmful chemicals, pollutes environment & harms/kills wildlife. 316 SS lids with silicone seal are safest option for health & environment.

Mini Yogurt Jars 30 Pack, 7 oz Glass Favor Jars with Cork Lids, Pudding Containers with Lids, Mason Jar Wedding Favors Honey Pot with Label Tags and String


Specifications: 30 pcs 7 oz glass pudding Jars with 2.8” W × 3.4” H, each jars with lids,come with food-safe, corrosion resistant lids - material meets certified safety standards. Great Storage: A great way to store pudding,milk,yogurt,cookies,ramekin,homemade jams,jelly, small dessert ,mousse and more.extra tags and string included. Material: Food grade and heavy duty glass,natural and recyclable, perfectly satisfying. Leak proof for sure, preservative and high temperature resistance.It’s looks so bright.

Njbfjhnn 16Pack Oui Yogurt Jar Lids Set,Oui Lids- Natural Bamboo Wood with Silicone Sealing Rings,Oui Yogurt Bottle Label and Valve Pen,For 5 Oz Oui Yogurt Jars


【OUI YOGURT JAR LIDS SET】You will receive 16 jar lids for oui yogurt jars made from 100% natural bamboo,and 18 premium decorative blackboard labels,and 1 valve pen,Notice our valve pen has the latest design to press out liquid, this design will save more liquid and last longer than other pens!You can DIY yourself to decorate your oui yogurt jar! 【NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO MATERIAL】The oui yogurt jar lids are made of 100% natural pure bamboo material,This wood lid is light and not easy to deform. BPA and PVC free, biodegradable and completely eevironmentally,all these food storage containers for oui yogurt jar lids help promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. 【Oui Yogurt Jar Lid Good Air Tightness】This jar lids fits perfectly in the oui yogurt jar, the lid is equipped with a silicone ring with a round hole design that,Silicone seals keep air, dust and damp out of the jar, keeping stored items dry and fresh. You can easily open and close the lid, as well as remove the sealing ring for cleaning.