Clothes Pins

Don’t Say Baby Sign, Baby Shower Clothespin Game, Includes a 5×7 Standing Sign and 50 Mini Natural Clothespins – Toctose041


This fun game to play during your baby shower allows guests to play the entire shower. Each incoming guest is given a corresponding number of clothespins, and if they say "baby", someone can take their clothespins. The last guest with the most pins wins! Lessons Learned From Our Trial Model The "Don't Say Baby" sign is designed to measure 5x7 inches. This advantage is that it can stand independently, does not require a sturdy frame, and is eye-catching on the desktop without taking up space. To get more guests involved in this Don't Say Baby Game, in addition to a sign, 50 mini clothespins (0.27 x 1.3 inches) are included, a fun way to break the ice at the baby shower and are perfect for Baby shower party!