Bug Zappers

2 Pack Solar Bug Zapper Outdoor Solar Mosquito Zapper Powered Bug Zapper LED Mosquito Killer Light Lamp for Indoor and Garden Use


Dual-Purpose Light: Our solar bug zapper outdoor LED light serves two functions with its white and purple light options. The purple light effectively kills flying insects, protecting your family from annoying mosquito bites, while the white light adds a decorative touch to your outdoor space at night. This method is more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical sprays and can help avoid potential respiratory discomfort. Solar-powered: These devices are powered by solar energy, save money on electricity and batteries with our amazing outdoor solar-powered zapper. Simply place the solar mosquito zapper outdoor in the ground, and let the sun power solar bug zapper every day for constant bug protection all night long. And for cloudy days, our solar bug zapper outdoor can also be powered with AA batteries. Versatile Use: Our solar mosquito zapper outdoor lamp effectively prevents the invasion of mosquitoes, pests, and flies, making mosquito killer perfect for indoor and outdoor use in your garden, porch, patio, backyard, and more. It's also great for night fishing and camping trips.