NatureTek Pest Control Kit – Pro Grade Plant Based Pest Control Spray Pesticide Sprayer Bug Killer Ant and Roach Killer Family/Petsafe Spray for Fly Mosquito Tick Plus More (1 Gallon)


Home Pest Control Spray - Our plant based formula allows you to enjoy your home without the worry. Developed to be both family and petsafe, you can use our Pest Control Kit with full confidence that our bug spray is effective, safe and eco friendly. Works well with residential areas and comes with a strong pouch and sprayer. 3 Simple Steps - Our home safe kits make bug control easy. Simply prepare, apply and dispose. We supply everything you need in our starter kit including a recyclable pouch for easy mixing, gloves, a reusable battery powered sprayer and insect killer. Effective - Choose the best formula for your needs. Our kits can be used as roach killer, ant killer, flea spray, mosquito killer, fly spray, tick spray, spider spray, wasp spray and much more. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, dog and cat friendly.

Solar Mole Repeller Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic Solar Powered 2pcs Pest Repeller for Mole Repeller Rodent Gopher Deterrent Vole Chaser for Lawn Yard & Garden of Outdoor Use 4 Packs


EFFECTIVELY EXPELS MOLE - This solar powered ultrasonic mole repeller pulses emitted 2 seconds of low frequency pulses every 30 seconds, which penetrate through the soil and deters them from entering the protected area as moles are sensitive to sound and vibrations. SAFE & ECO-ENVIRONMENT - This solar powered mole repeller is EPA certified. No chemicals or poisons are used to attract and kill animals. The repeller is friendly to people and living environment. EFFECTIVE SOLAR PANEL - Solar mole repeller has a solar cell in the top part. 4 Hours charging Lasts for 5 Days. Please keep the solar panel clean cause a dirty panel will reduce the available sunlight for the battery charging.