Golf Balls

Biodegradable Golf Balls | Water-Soluble Golf Ball | Golf Balls That Dissolve in Water

Brand Biodegradable Golf Balls
Color White
Sport Type Golf
Number of Items 96
  • WATER-SOLUBLE: They dissolve in Water in just a matter of weeks
  • 96 PACKS: Now we're getting serious, grab a 96 pack and make sure it lasts all weekend at the cabin!
  • CANADIAN COMPANY: We're a Canadian company based out of Vancouver, B.C. With Passion and love for golf we're trying to make eco-golf go mainstream!
  • PRACTICAL USES: Lake Side, Ocean Side, Riverside, Driving Ranges Near Bodies Of Water, Yacht Parties, Cruise Ships, Fun Novelty Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious
  • NOT USED FOR: Professional Golf Use, Evil People Who Destroy The World, Boring People