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Gear Hugger Multipurpose Lubricant – Eco-Friendly (11 oz, Pack of 1), Rust Remover – Garage Door Lubricant Spray, Door Hinge Lubricant & Lock Lubricant – Plant-Based, No Petroleum, No PTFE


UNLEASH THE POWER OF ECO-FRIENDLY PROTECTION WITH OUR MULTIPURPOSE LUBRICANT SPRAY - Say goodbye to outdated petroleum-based products, silicone lube, and silicone spray lubricants. Our revolutionary, plant based spray formula is a true all-in-one wonder, functioning as a lubricant, penetrating oil, degreaser, corrosion inhibitor, moisture barrier, and anti rust spray. Crafted with the finest plant-powered ingredients, it delivers unparalleled performance while minimizing environmental impact. TWICE THE LUBRICATING POWER - Surpassing lock lubricant spray graphite and silicone spray lubricants for garage doors with 2X more lubricating power, our formula is the result of decades of industry knowledge, research, and testing to ensure unmatched effectiveness. Gear Hugger provides enhanced penetration and heavy-duty antioxidant properties. Witness the perfect solution for squeaky door hinges. Say goodbye to silicone lubricants and other common garage door grease lubricant spray! 1001 USES & COUNTING - Gear Hugger is a perfect garage door lubricant spray and sliding door lubricant. It’s also an amazing door hinge lubricant and spray lubricant for metal parts. The possibilities are limitless for this eco friendly lubricant. Quiet squeaky doors, drawers, and rusty hinges. Help lubricate plumbing joints, bike chains, and camping gear! Whether you’re looking for a bike grease, a brake grease, a treadmill lubricant for belt, or a rust remover for metal, we’ve got you covered.