Gear Hugger Multipurpose Lubricant – Eco-Friendly (11 oz, Pack of 1), Rust remover & Degreaser – Garage Door Lubricant Spray,

Material USDA Certified 96% Biobased
Brand Gear Hugger
Liquid Volume 11 Fluid Ounces
Item Form Oil, Spray
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SPRAY LUBRICANT THAT PROVIDES LONG-LASTING PROTECTION - Swap out your petroleum-based products, silicon lube and silicone spray lubricants for our all-in-one spray that works as a lubricant, penetrating oil, degreaser, corrosion inhibitor, moisture barrier, and antirust spray.​ Our plant-powered lubricant can be used on a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, countertops, wood surfaces and more. Its powerful, fast drying formula makes it the perfect household lubricant.
  • 2X MORE LUBRICATING POWER - Compared to graphite lubricants and grease tubes, Gear Hugger offers 2x more lubricating power. It is backed by decades of industry knowledge, research and testing to ensure effectiveness. The superior power of plants offers higher penetration and heavy duty antioxidant properties. No more squeaky doors. We are confident that you will enjoy and see the difference that Gear Hugger provides compared to silicone lubricant, graphite lubricant, and other common lubricants.
  • 1001 USES & COUNTING - Gear Hugger is perfect for a garage door lubricant, including: lubricating garage door hinges, tracks, rollers, chains, and more. A perfect door & lock lubricant. It quiets squeaky doors, drawers, and rusty hinges. It helps lubricate plumbing joints, bike chains, camping gear, lawnmowers, and other mechanics. Whether you are looking for a door hinge or bike grease, a brake grease, a treadmill lubricant for belt, or a rust remover for metal, Gear Hugger is your best option!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY LUBRICANT THAT PROTECTS AND RESTORES WITHOUT HARMING OUR PLANET - Make an eco-friendly choice using Gear Hugger to restore, lubricate and protect your gear so it functions optimally, lasts longer and stays out of the landfill. Gear Hugger was created with nature and sustainability in mind. Replace harsh odors, harmful petroleum and PTFE chemicals with our plant-based, non-toxic formula that’s USDA Certified 96% bio-based.
  • SAFE AROUND KIDS & PETS, NON-TOXIC, AND EASY TO USE - Contrary to petroleum-based lubricants, Gear Hugger offers a safer alternative that can be used around kids & pets. Gear Hugger is a non-toxic, odorless and biodegradable solution that is easy to use. Forget about the spills left by silicon greases. Gear Hugger is designed with a two way straws nozzle to provide more control. The targeted stream allows an easy and precise application. The wide stream ensures uniform and consistent coverage.