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EcoPeaceful 316 Surgical Stainless Steel Mason Jar Lids REGULAR Mouth – Rust-proof, Airtight, Leak-proof, BPA-Free, PVC-free,


Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel
Brand EcoPeaceful
Style Stainless Steel Lids for Canning Jars
Shape Round

  • ✅10 REGULAR MOUTH STORAGE MASON JAR LIDS: 316 stainless steel lids with silicone gaskets (total 20 pieces). NOT FOR CANNING. ✅LIQUID & DRY STORAGE: airtight leak-proof silicone seal. ✅OVEN, FREEZER, DISHWASHER SAFE: Temperature range -40F to 425F.
  • ✅ HIGHEST FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: ✅ 316 SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL is used in biomedical applications & has the best rust-proof properties, moisture tolerance, strength & food safety.. ✅ 100% PURE SILICONE SEAL: NO FILLERS – NO WHITE WHEN PINCHED: If silicone turns white when pinched or stretched, it indicates low-quality silicone or added plastic fillers. We are paying extra for the best silicone for durability & food safety.
  • ✅ WHY USE 316 SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL, NOT PLASTIC OR ORIGINAL CANNING LIDS? Even though the lid is on top, liquid vapors collect & drop back down. Canning lids rust, has PVC/vinyl (worst type of plastic) coating and seal. Studies show most “BPA-free” plastic is NOT BPA-free and/or replaced with worse chemicals. Plastic sheds micro-plastics & leaches harmful chemicals, pollutes environment & harms/kills wildlife. 316 SS lids with silicone seal are safest option for health & environment.
  • ✅ 100% VEGAN: Our Silicone seal gasket made without animal stearic acid, which is common in silicone rubber and plastic manufacturing.✅ Compliant with FDA (USA), LFGB (Germany) food safety standards.✅VEGAN, PHTHALATE-FREE, BPA-FREE, PVC-FREE, PLASTIC-FREE.
  • ✅ LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: We care for the environment, so we manufacture quality, reusable, zero-waste products warrantied for life. ✅ PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING: Packaged in 100% recycled paper box. ??HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE: ~30% thicker/heavier than original canning lids. Our lids will not break, discolor and degrade like plastic lids, or bend & rust like the original canning lids.


Hi I’m Lena, CEO of Eco Peaceful, LLC. I am a passionate vegan environmentalist who believes that manufacturers should be responsible to produce quality products that last a very long time & package their products in an eco-friendly manner so wild animals can live their lives in their natural environment
After watching Plastic Planet and other documentaries I was so shocked what plastic does to the animals and humans, so I decided to change my lifestyle: I started to grow my food to reduce plastic consumption and started my EcoPeaceful zero-waste business in 2012 to manufacture organic, natural and non-toxic products that are packaged plastic-free and in the most Eco-friendly way possible.
If you make your own food & drinks (tea/coffee, smoothies…) then mason jars are an important part of your daily life. What you may not know is that the common canning metal lids have a PVC/vinyl coating with a plastisol/PVC seal gasket. That has always bothered me since the liquid in the jar vapors and drops back down into my drink or food. I became especially concerned when I saw that the vinyl coating was flaking off just from putting vinegar in a glass jar (it was not even touching the coated metal lid). I was inspired to look for alternative lid solutions.
Plastic caps lids are also not a good option since the plastic degrade and shed microplastics & release toxic chemicals; BPA-free is rarely truly BPA-free and/or replaced with worse chemical(s). Plastic lids are breakable, heat-sensitive (can’t be boil to sanitize); and the most important for me – pollutes the environment and harms/kills wildlife. Using stainless steel lids with a silicone gasket also gives me peace-of-mind since they are built to last ‘forever’, so no need to be wasteful by constantly throwing away and buying metal or plastic lids.

Additional information

Dimensions 3.11 × 3.03 in

‎Stainless Steel


‎Stainless Steel




‎Stainless Steel Lids for Canning Jars



Number of Pieces


Is Dishwasher Safe


Closure Type

‎Screw Lid

Is Microwaveable


Item Weight

11.3 ounces

Package Dimensions ‏

‎6.14 x 3.11 x 3.03 inches

Country of Origin ‏



‎10 Regular Mouth Lids – 2 3⁄4" outer Ǿ

Item Package Quantity



‎Inside, Outside

Included Components

‎Silicone Insert Seal Lids, Stainless Steel Lids

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available ‏

December 26, 2020

Manufacturer ‏

‎Eco Peaceful, LLC, ‎EcoPeaceful

9 reviews for EcoPeaceful 316 Surgical Stainless Steel Mason Jar Lids REGULAR Mouth – Rust-proof, Airtight, Leak-proof, BPA-Free, PVC-free,

  1. VaultCrab

    Fantastic LidsThese lids are very well made. I originally bought them to put on mason jars I bring to the gym with a protein shake since plastic blender bottles most gym goers use hold onto nasty protein shake smells so I use glass instead because glass isn’t porous. Put a shaker ball in the jar with it and it works perfectly with these lids to mix up protein shakes. I like that they use silicone and not plastic since silicone doesn’t hold onto smells, plus the stainless steel is nice because I can just put it in my dishwasher without worrying about rust.I also recently started using one of them as the lid to my sourdough jar. Similar to why I like them for protein shakes, I like them for my sourdough starter because the silicone lid doesn’t hold onto smells like regular plastic coated mason jar lids do which is super important when your sourdough started permanently lives in a jar with a lid.The only negetive I can possibly find with these is that you have to screw them down really tight or else they will leak slightly. I don’t have problems if I screw mine down until tight, and then give them another good 1/8 turn to really snug the silicone gasket down. This isn’t a big enough reason for me not to give these a 5 star review though. I’ll be buying these again if I ever need more lids.

  2. 4evrlearning

    Love’m!I use these on my talk 1/2 gal wide mouth jars for bulk pantry. It items I open that aren’t sealed. They work great. I’ve ordered more both wide and reg mouth

  3. Jeri Anderson

    Awesome!This is my 2nd set of these- I love these!They fit nicely and seal as advertised!I’ll buy more of these.

  4. jonathan f.

    safe nontoxic, great qualityI don’t like 2 use water bottles because they leak toxins into water. I use a mason jar with 1 of these, & it works perfectly!

  5. Megan Moore

    Love that this company is non toxicI am super excited for my new mason jar lids that are non toxic!! I appreciate businesses that make non toxic products for us people to use. I am extremely thankful, thank you!

  6. Dustin M

    Exceptional product from a great companyThese lids are amazing! They not only look fantastic but also make for great seals with the silicon gasket.

  7. Microfinish Employee

    Great lids!I wanted solid lids for my cold brew jars, and some other jars of other stuff too. These are 316 stainless steel, so I do not need to worry about puddles rusting them in my dishwasher. Their silicone seals are silicone… both easy to clean, and providing a real nice seal between glass and steel. Standard mason jar lids are great for canning, and these are not. But I’m not canning cold brew, or other stuff, so these are perfect! If you’re not canning cold brew or other stuff either, but sometimes put things in jars anyway, and enjoy lids that are one thing and that thing is not rusted, you might like these lids too!

  8. Ellen Mitchell

    Practical storage game-changer, in alignment with my valuesThese are excellent quality, airtight, and are made by a vegan, female-owned business. I use them on 16-oz Ball jars for my bulk food storage, smoothies, and jar noodles. So glad I found these! Worth the investment to get plastic out of your food storage.

  9. Tom

    Good quality and great valueHappy with purchase just what I was looking for.

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