SHORDY Reusable Menstrual Cup (Small) Set of 2 with Mini Box, 100% Soft Silicone, Coupe Menstruelle, Safe Period Cup, Light Flow


Size Small (Pack of 2)
Material Silicone
Item Diameter 43 Millimeters
Material Type Free Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free

  • A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE – Shordy cup is a reusable menstrual cup that is a health-friendly alternative to traditional sanitary pads & tampons. It fits organically without contributing to any of the numerous health dangers caused by pads & tampons. It collects your menstrual flow effectively & allows for easy disposal at your convenience. Bid adieu to dryness and itchiness and instead, welcome a better form of menstrual hygiene!
  • TOP-NOTCH USABILITY – By combining superior product design & carefully adjusted silicone thickness we have produced a cup that is extremely easy to insert & take out. The high-quality silicone also makes for a much softer feel which results in exceptional user experience.
  • ULTRA COST EFFICIENT – You can easily save over $100 by moving away from harmful pads & tampons as these cups can be used for up to 10 years if taken care of. Another way you will be saving money is by not paying that hefty premium to other menstrual cup brands. So, it’s clearly a win-win, no matter how you look at it!
  • A BETTER CHOICE – As these cups are made of high-quality silicone – they can be sterilized & reused for a long time, unlike pads & tampons which inevitably find their way to landfills & oceans. This makes these cups not only better for the environment but also sustainable!
  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUP – We recommend taking good care of your menstrual cup using our specially formulated premium gel cleaner & ergonomically designed menstrual cup sterilizer. This will ensure your cup stays with you for a long time.


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Weight 2.82 lbs
Dimensions 3.23 × 1.93 in
Package Dimensions ‏

‎ 3.5 x 3.23 x 1.93 inches; 2.82 Ounces

Date First Available ‏

‎ November 5, 2020


‎ B08248CTNQ

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10 reviews for SHORDY Reusable Menstrual Cup (Small) Set of 2 with Mini Box, 100% Soft Silicone, Coupe Menstruelle, Safe Period Cup, Light Flow

  1. Angie

    So far so goodI ordered the two pack of small and large. I have yet to try the large since this would be my first time trying cups. From a beginning point of view, I was a little confused and concerned. The cup is super thick so I was like well how do I get it in there. Just prop yo leg up and shove it in. I also was confused on how far it goes but I put it in enough where it feels normal and the nub is in reach. I felt some very light cramping from this but nothing crazy and I can’t even feel it in. The cup also didn’t unfold right away the first time I put it in. It took a few minutes to expand. It does work and I can move around without it coming lose. Removing it isn’t painful but slightly weird because you can physically hear the suction. I also have nails on, about a half inch of length sticking out and I was still able to go about putting in and removing the cup so if you do wear nails, it won’t be a huge problem. I haven’t had any leaks yet but I plan to update once my life cycle is overUpdate Day 2: Second day of use. I had it in overnight and though it didn’t leak onto my undies, when I wiped and there was a little leakage even though the cup wasn’t full. It did do a fantastic job at catching but I’m still having difficulty getting it to expand after reinsertion. Also later that night of the first day, I had some bad cramps. Not the worst cramps I’ve had but they were stronger than what usually have. I usually only experience some uncomfortable pressure on the first day but this was more than that and I think it could be because of the cup but I can’t be sure just yet.Update Day 4: I have gotten the hang of this cup but honestly I think I need a different one. The cup goes more and more up as the day or night progresses and fishing it out is extremely uncomfortable and hurts if I pinch myself with my nails. This really isn’t all that nail friendly after all. I’m going to get one with a ring insteadOver cycle update: I switched cups, not because there was anything wrong with this one, I just couldn’t remove it easily because of my nails. If you are natural or have short nails, have no fear. This is a great deal and it has a nice sturdy case

  2. Kristine Slayton

    Super Suction, Stays PutI took a chance on an unknown brand based on reviews. I bought the mixed size pack because some reviews mentioned that they felt the larger size was too big, but so far I have not needed the smaller one (I’m 37 years old and have given birth 3 times).I really appreciate that the slightly stronger material of this brand gives a firmer sense of opening, so I know if it fully opens or if I need to take it out and try again. I use the c-fold for insertion and it has been perfectly well-behaved so far. I also like the darker color, as I feel the transparent ones I’ve used in the past always looked dinged with time no matter how hard I tried to clean them. This one looks fresh after each cleaning. I have not noticed any of the odors some of the other reviews mentioned.10/10 recommend, especially for women who have had multiple pregnancies and might be hesitant to switch to using a cup. My periods have actually been 2 days shorter and far less crampy since switching from tampons. I’m also saving a lot of money.

  3. DanseMacabre

    10/10 would recommendI can’t speak for everyone’s experience with this brand, but my experience has been fantastic. They are easily put in, and easy to take out. I only noticed the pressure of it being in the first time I had it in, but once I went about my daily business I forgot it was even in. Depending on flow, I’ll probably change which cup I use, but I found that even though the small one was meant for women under 25 or who hadn’t given birth, it worked perfectly for me (34, have had a child).

  4. hannah comyack

    Good cupThe cup is slightly bigger than I expected even being the small. That’s the only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars. I was worried it was bigger that I’d feel it. But no once I figured out the best way to insert it I forgot it was there. The suction is great it doesn’t move or shift at all. The stem is great I loved the ball at the end. It made it so much easier to remove. No leaking or air bubbles ! It’s a great cup for such a cheap price

  5. Jasmine

    Happy with my purchaseI ordered the 2pk large size. I was previously using a small size in another brand and had issues with leaks. So, I came across this brand and decided to try the large. For me, it’s definitely harder to get it in. I was already using lube to get the small one in. So i absolutely use lube for this one. But once it’s in, that sucker is in! No leaks. No discomfort. Definitely recommend.

  6. Kendra Powell

    10/10 recommend these!If you haven’t switched to a cup or you’ve been considering it but haven’t taken the leap this is your signal to make the purchase! I have used tampons for the majority of my teen/adult life and my period always lasted 6-7days, cramping was ridiculous and we all know tampons are just uncomfortable… the cup is a game changer! Cuts my period back on average 2-3 days, and cramping has decreased drastically! And no more changing your tampon every time you run to the bathroom, the cup says it’s good for up to 12 hours but I usually go about 8 just to be safe with no issues! Love these compared to the diva cup I used to have. These are still flexible but firmer at the same time and don’t have a problem opening up (that was my issue with the diva cup) there is a learning curve but once you’ve got it down your good to go (took me a couple of try’s before I figured it out) only downside is it can get a bit messy when taking it out so I prefer to do it during a shower.

  7. Person

    The only one I’ll useThis is the only cup i use. It’s the most comfortable one i’ve ever owned. The suction kicks in only after i start moving, which is was strage to get used to, but now It’s fine. As a former tampon only person, I loved switching to this.

  8. jadeeye28

    Value for the moneyOrdered these last year after my very OLD Lunette cup had an unfortunate accident (i.e. I melted it when boiling on the stove–so set your timers, ladies, if you plan to boil your cup to sanitize). At first I had some trouble with these, they don’t fit the same as the Lunette cup, but the little ball on the tip is definitely more comfortable and easier to get ahold of. After a little trial and error, I finally got these figured out and they are very comfortable. Have not had any leaks and can’t even feel them, very comfortable. I am glad they have a carrying case, makes it easier to be discreet. Also, these do not stain at all so far.

  9. Samantha Maskell

    A game-changer!I’ve been meaning to try a menstrual cup for years but always made an excuse not to buy one for whatever reason. After seeing how reasonably priced this one was and being impressed with the reviews, I decided to just go for it. I am so so happy that I did and I’ll tell you for why… (name that show)1. I liked that it came with both sizes. I was unsure which to go for. I’m a 33 year old with two children however they were born via c-section, not vaginally so I was confused as to whether that made a difference. I tried the large straight away and it just so happens that it was perfect for me. I have a 12 year old daughter who I will give the small one to so she can use it when she feels confident enough to insert it properly.2. Prior to first use, the look of the cup is intimidating. You can’t imagine how it will work when it’s inserted and I worried that it would take me ages (and require flexibility reserved for somebody much younger and slimmer than myself!) to make sure it was positioned correctly. I needn’t have worried. It went in correctly first time. I have an average height cervix and found that I didn’t need to alter the length of the stem however it is worth bearing in mind that you can cut it to length to make it more comfortable.3. This little beauty worked as it should immediately, leaving me in awe and wishing that I’d tried it years earlier. I can’t feel it once it’s in position and for somebody with an average flow, I only need to empty it twice a day. I have had no leaks whatsoever.4. Removal of the cup is simple enough. Possibly a little messy but nothing that I believe should put anybody off purchasing it. Plus it is so fascinating to see your ‘output’ – it’s less than you might have imagined!5. This cup will pay for itself after only a couple of months use and I imagine will last for years when taken care of properly. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I no longer have to buy tampons – both for the cost aspect, and the environmental impact.In summary, if you are dithering for whatever reason, I can wholeheartedly recommend this cup, especially if you are not wanting to part with the £25+ for a moon cup or diva cup. It might be the best thing you do for yourself, your bank account, and the environment!

  10. Leah Susan Beckett

    Read my review before purchaseI wouldn’t buy this product. These mensural cups are SOOOO comfy!! BUT for some reason after one use the dark green cup smells disgusting!! Even after washing. I don’t know if it’s the colouring or plastic but has a awful cabbage/faeces smell.

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