Tieralia Handcrafted Dish Bar Soap with Bamboo Tray – 5.64oz | 100% Plant-Based Soap | Free of Dyes and Unscented Soap | Zero


Brand Tieralia
Item Form Bar
Scent Unscented 
Specific Uses For Product Sink
Material Feature Biodegradable

  • Zero waste dish bar soap that has a minimal environmental impact. With eco friendly packaging and free of chemicals, this all natural dish soap is safe in your home and in the environment.
  • Natural dish soap that is multi-purpose and tough on grease and grime. Good for cleaning dishes, pots, pans, sinks, and counters for an all-in-one cleaning experience. A high quality organic bar soap!
  • Plant based dish washing soap that is palm oil free, dye free, cruelty free, and vegan. This organic dish soap is long lasting, contains Vitamin E, which is a good source of antioxidants that are great of the skin, and leaves no residue after each clean.
  • With our high quality ingredients, this dish soap bar will leave your dishes and kitchen beatiful. It is an unscented bar soap that is a great addition to your home’s eco friendly cleaning products.
  • Every day use, non toxic dish soap that will leave you happy and your hands smooth. Includes a bamboo bar soap holder for a beautiful finish in your kitchen.
  • Environmentally safe cleaning products that are a great step to a clean home. Vegan bar soap that has the grease and grime fighting power of coconut oil.


Product Description

sustainable cleaning products vegan cleaning product vegan soap cruelty free

Safe on skin handcrafted dish bar soap free of dyes, fragrances, and harsh chemicals

handcrafted dish washing soap plant-based materials palm oil free

recycled packaging zero waste products plastic free packaging dish bar soap

dish bar soap

bamboo soap holder soap dish wooden soap dish

minority owned Black/Latinx-owned company earth-focused cleaning products conscious sustainable

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Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Additional information

Weight 5.93 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.13 in
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 4.25 x 3 x 1.13 inches; 5.93 Ounces

Material Feature ‏

‎ Biodegradable Warning

Date First Available ‏

‎ November 21, 2022


‎ B0B7P11K6T

Manufacturer ‏


8 reviews for Tieralia Handcrafted Dish Bar Soap with Bamboo Tray – 5.64oz | 100% Plant-Based Soap | Free of Dyes and Unscented Soap | Zero

  1. Whispers

    Cleans wellI wash a LOT of dishes. This is a picture of what is left after a month of washing dishes at least 3 times a day, every day and a few hand washings. A little extra was needed when washing greasy lasagna pans. It’s cleaning ability surpassed other bars I have tried. It was easier on my hands than liquid dish detergent.The wet bar drips and slides off the wooden tray so I have kept it on a sponge. Next bar I will be knitting a little pocket for the bar to fit into and hang it above the sink.

  2. Christa nelson

    It’s okayI mean the concept is what I wanted because I’m trying to cut back on waste where I can. But the soap is rather difficult to work onto a dish sponge. But it works rather well for your hands.

  3. Monna Thompson

    Great soap, not so great dishAfter using for a week, I really like the soap. Seems mild to my hands but tough on greasy dishes. Works well with sponge or brush. The dish, on the other hand, has no bottom or base. Any liquified soap runs down through the slits in the bottom of the dish and onto the counter. Huge mess. Upgrade the dish and it would be perfect.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Not too practicalLove the idea of this product. I bought this over other similar products because the soap dish had bumpers on the sides and I thought it would be easier to load my soap while holding a dish, but it doesn’t make much of a difference because the dish slides around anyway. Additionally, the product didn’t last very long. I can have a big jar of liquid soap and it’ll last 6 months. I bought this a few weeks ago and it’s already running low.

  5. Chad

    No degreasing power, leaves chalky film, doesn’t last long.Not a fan of this bar. Trying to make the switch to more eco friendly household products and methods, but this didn’t help. Quite expensive and not nearly as good as liquid dish soap. It has no degreasing power and leaves a chalky film on dishes. The bar lasted less than a month with moderate use because I also have a dishwasher. Looking for another brand.

  6. My 2 cents

    At this point I’m a somewhat surprised convert to bar dish soap.Tieralia – Handcrafted Dish Bar Soap with Bamboo Tray & Refill soapI was able to order both a bar soap and bamboo tray combination and a separate refill soap. I immediately liked the concept of using a bar dish soap, but never having used one wasn’t sure what I was in for. I have always felt like I use too much liquid dish soap because I just squirt some into running water and it’s hard to judge how much you’re using. There are probably better ways to do that, but I appreciate that this bar doesn’t use any plastic, there’s no water weight to the product for shipping or storing, and that one bar seems like it will last us quite a while since we (usually just two people) only do one tub of dishes by hand in the evening.I first tried running some hot water over the unscented bar into the basin we use, but the water looked cloudy and had pieces of soap flakes floating on top and it just didn’t work for me. The next night I filled the basin with hot water and let everything soak for a couple minutes. I then used my normal non-scratch Scotch-Brite sponge by wetting it, rubbing it quickly along the top of the soap bar, and then washing a dish. I placed soap on my sponge after every dish. There is always at least one small pot, three pet food and water bowls, at least a couple dishes or plates, a few utensils, and a couple delicate double-walled glasses being washed, and everything has washed well with this unscented soap. I’ve been using this bar soap for more than a week and the glasses and other items look as clean as usual. I’m not seeing any residue, etc.The bamboo tray is important because it allows the soap to dry in between uses. The soap appears to be lasting well with our light daily use (we also use our dishwasher for non handwash items when there are a lot of dishes). When I rub my sponge on top of the soap there haven’t been any puddles underneath the tray. As long as the sponge isn’t soaking wet (squeeze it out a bit before wiping the soap), I don’t see any issues with this tray having no solid bottom. At this point I’m a somewhat surprised convert to bar dish soap. This bar is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no palm oil. Small business. I couldn’t find any information on where these items are made.

  7. Mark Bashaasha

    Beautiful tray and effective dish soapI felt like I was transported back in time to when I used dish soap as a bar instead of liquid. It smells nice and is simple to use. The bamboo tray that came with it was fantastic. I enjoyed it and will buy it again.

  8. David P.

    5 stars for the soap. 2 stars for the bamboo soap dish.First the soap: I make homemade soaps but I have never made one for dishes. Having used this, I am inspired by this idea! The soap has no smell whatsoever. I really like that. There’s no need for a dish to smell like anything other than the food that’s on it. I usually just squirt some dish soap into a wet sponge and wash everything with that sponge. For this, I just rubbed my Dobie sponge onto the soap – it picked up some soap without issue. The soap seems to work very well. As a test, I took some bacon grease from my fridge and smeared it all over a spoon. I would say this soap did better than my traditional soap at removing the grease – in cold water even. I’m very happy with this soap.Now the bamboo soap dish: At the time of this review, what the Amazon listing is very careful not to show you by how they have set up and angled every picture is the fact that this soap dish has no bottom. Anything that runs off the soap and into the gaps will just run onto your counter. A soap dish needs a bottom to serve its purpose. While attractive, this soap dish does not serve the purpose of keeping soap from building up on your counter.

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