Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover (40oz Large). Pack of 2


Brand BioClean
Item Form Cream
Scent Mint
Specific instructions for use Tile,Window,Shower,Door
Material Feature Plant safe

  • Made in USA
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe your & your Home!
  • Surface Recommendation: Window, Tile, Shower, Stone, Door


ALL-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Clean, Seal and Maintain all-in-one. Takes Stains out and keeps them out- Guaranteed. EFFECTIVELY REMOVE: Water spot stains, Mineral deposits, Soap Scum, Rust, Tree sap, Paint over spray, Oxidation Deposits, Lime Scale, Acid Rain Stains, Food Coloring Stains, Wine Stains and Coffee Stains. WORKS GREAT ON: Windshields, Shower Doors, Tile, Fiberglass, Windows, Windshields, All Metals, All Glass, Pools, Boats, Jet Skis, Trailers, RV’s, Pots, Pans, Cookware, Stoneware, Bakeware, Corian, Fish Tanks, BBQ Grills and much more! INNOVATIVE CLEANING SOLUTION: Powerful strong proprietary formula – making it ideal for any homeowner and cleaning professional. You will be amazed with our versatile cleaner and everything it can do. If you’re looking for a product that actually works, Bio-Clean is your Solution. PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH: Powerful industrial and commercial strength cleaner removes years of unwanted hard mineral stains. Used by professions in the cleaning and detailing industries around the world. SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Non-scratch abrasive based, made with a non-chemical compound. Smells great, making cleaning a pleasant experience. With no harmful chemicals ~ Safe for use around kids and pets. This professional strength cleaner is recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, hotels, public facilities and households. RENEW AND RESTORE: Bring your previously stained areas back to life! Our proprietary solution will leave surfaces spotless & like-new again. Our potent deep cleaner will completely restore your surfaces, leaving a clear, beautiful and shiny surface. BRINGS BACK THE SHINE: Gentle on the surface yet tough on stains. Effective and efficient. Utilizing non-abrasive, a high-polishing formula. This industrial-strength cleaner is the solution to your water stain problems. MADE IN THE USA: Tested, Developed, & Manufactured in a certified facility.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.63 × 8.78 × 6.65 in
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10.63 x 8.78 x 6.65 inches

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2.5 pounds




80 Fluid Ounces


Non toxic



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Made in USA

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10 reviews for Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover (40oz Large). Pack of 2

  1. MH

    It works; but there’s a reason why it works better than most………After reading many product reviews, before I ordered this product, it became apparent, once I tried it, why some people are complaining it puts tiny scratches in their glass or to not use it on Plexiglass (per instructions on bottle).The reason is this calcium and scale remover contains a very fine polishing agent (Similar to the way Ajax or “Soft Scrub” type products work). However, to note the polishing compound in this is very, very fine, much finer than Ajax or Soft scrub type cleaning products. It’s almost non register-able when you rub it between your fingers. Think “Toothpaste” type polish level.The consistency of the product is too thick to put in a spray bottle; consistency is similar to “Gogurt” or more liquid type yogurt. Not too thick, not too watery.So, does it work? Yes, it does. We have a stainless steel dish drying rack. Over time, it does get some scale in it from dishes dripping water. We live in California where our local water sources are pretty “hard water”, so scale is an issue.Once I put this on the rack you could see it start to dissolve the calcium instantly. Upon using it more like a polishing compound (Rubbing it in well and working it into the steel) it dissolved the scale with ease and did leave a nice finished/polished look. We also used it on the shower doors and on the shower hardware. It does work and it works well. There is no magic to it, like anything else you have to put a little effort into play but the results are well worth it.But, to note, since it does have a fine polishing agent you do want to be careful and not use it on plastic shower doors, or glass you value as “Optical”. But, then again, if you have plexiglass shower doors that are that “bad” chances are they’re past hurting anyway so I personally wouldn’t think it would do them any worse.I don’t think I would use this on my auto glass as I wouldn’t want the run off or product having any chance of getting on the paint.

  2. frugal nana

    Works great!This worked very well for getting water spots off the window in our shower as well the tile!

  3. Veronica Marquez

    Great shower cleanerThis product works wonders for cleaning and leaving the glass shower door super clean. So easy to use and clean. I have tried other products and this one is the best so far

  4. Ross Heitkamp

    Doesn’t seem to be same stuff I got a sample ofMaybe this is my own fault, but I got a couple little samples of green stuff labeled as Bio-Clean at my local hardware store that said they were for hard water removal. Since we have quite hard water and buildup regularly, I figured it was worth a try. I didn’t get around to trying for a while and when I opened the container, there wasn’t much in there – maybe it had evaporated and concentrated? Well, since there wasn’t much, I didn’t use much and just took some on my finger and rubbed it one a tough spot – it worked amazingly well! A day later, our stove had some burnt on grease varnish and I thought I’d try the Bio-Clean on that and, again with just my finger, it worked really great and seemed to just dissolve the stuff off that had been left behind by normal soap and water.So, I got on Amazon and found this Bio-Clean that is also green and nice big bottles – what a great value to boot! But, this new stuff is not that same miracle cleaner I got samples of. It works, but not much differently than several other cleaners I already have. It has a wintergreen scent and I didn’t notice that with the samples I had, so I am concluding that it isn’t the same thing – just same color and name.Perhaps I am a star low due to my disappointment? I still am hopeful I might find the material I got the sample of.

  5. Daniel S. Carpenter

    Works Great..The product works great for removing hard water stains and polishing the hardware in the shower. I applied the paste on the shower doors using a sponge. then used the provided brush attached to a power drill. It was fast and painless and the shower door looks almost brand new.

  6. Natasha Farias

    Miracle workerThis paste cleans hard water stains in no time. My shower gets very cloudy fast due to well water. This cleaning product removes calcium buildup fast. Recommend it to anyone who has hard water and spends hours scrubbing bathrooms.

  7. Freiderikos

    Excellent productIt takes some time to work on it but its worth the results. The trick is to leave it almost dry on the glass and then clean it up.

  8. Toni Dickman

    It works well on tough deposits on the glass.I used this on windows that had not been cleaned for 17 years. The windows were covered top to bottom with hard water deposits from the sprinkler system. This product removed the deposits and the windows look great. I also use this on my bathroom sinks, tubs and shower. The shower and sinks really shine for a long time. It also protects against water and product build up on the surfaces. My new favorite for cleaning glass, shower and sinks.

  9. mds

    works greatI bought this product as our shower door had really bad hard water stains on it. Could not get them off with a few other products. This worked like a charm. I put it on with a soft cloth and rubbed it on and rinsed it off and the water stains were gone. I would recommend this product.

  10. Cheryl R Cowtan

    For eco friendly this works wellSmells great. Minty and cleans most hard water and iron stains

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