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Compostable products are eco-friendly because they can break down into organic matter, contributing to nutrient-rich compost for soil. Unlike traditional plastics, which persist for hundreds of years, compostable products biodegrade within a specific timeframe through microbial action. They work by providing a sustainable alternative to non-biodegradable materials, reducing waste, and minimizing the carbon footprint. To decompose compostable products, they should be sent to industrial composting facilities or home composting systems, where they undergo controlled conditions with the presence of heat, moisture, oxygen, and microorganisms. The process typically takes a few months to a year, depending on the specific product and composting environment.

Here are the top 7 compostable products in 2023:

1 – Paper Cups
Raise your cup to sustainability! Compostable paper cups that not only hold your favorite beverages but also embrace the Earth-friendly spirit, leaving behind nothing but environmental goodness.

Turbo Bee 400 Pack 8oz Paper Cups, Disposable Paper Coffee Cups, Hot/Cold Beverage Drinking Cups for Water, Paper Water Cups 8oz, Suitable for Party, Picnic, Travel and Events 400pack-8oz
  • Health And Safety Made of food grade safety paper. The disposable colorful coffee paper cups are durable and easy to clean at the end of use. Drop it directly after use, these disposable paper drinking cups are friendly and recyclable.
  • Leak Proof And Durable This leak proof coating makes this a leak resistant paper cup that won’t get weak or soggy. Fill the paper cups with water, the paper cups can be kept for some days.
  • Great Value: You will get 400pack 8oz disposable paper cups at a cheap price. Our paper coffee cups are heavier than those sold in other stores.Great for home, office, classroom and coffee shops, etc.
  • Easy Grip: Rolled lip for easy separation and comfortable drinking。You can use it for espresso, fruit juice or candy.The quality of these paper cups is very good, and there will be no damage in normal use.
  • After Sales Service: We are always committed to providing our customers with high quality disposable white paper cups. If you have any questions about our disposable Paper Coffee Cups, please contact us promptly and we will give you a satisfactory answer at the first time.

2 – Food Containers

Make a statement for Mother Earth by choosing these eco-friendly food containers, because every choice matters when it comes to building a greener future.

Kaderron 70 Oz Take Out Food Containers (50 Pack) Disposable Kraft Paper Food Container Takeout Box Microwaveble…
  • Size and Capacity: 50 pack of kraft paper takeout boxes, UPPER SIZE: 8.6" x 6.3" x 2.5", LOWER SIZE: 7.6" x 5.5" x 2.5" and has a capacity of up to 70 ounces 2000ml. This standard size is suitable for buying a lunch takeout !
  • Special Design: Karderon packing takeout containers are made out of environmentally-friendly kraft paper. The box adopts special buckle design and tear off edge design, easy to fold, better prevent food leakage, keep food fresh for a longer time, suitable for refrigerated food and take out.
  • Oil Proof and Leak Proof: These takeout containers are quipped with a poly-coated interior, and prevent grease and oil from soaking through.Your food will be securely packaged in these packed in packing box. Food packaging boxes are also microwaveable. It is also the best one-time substitute for cleaning tableware.
  • Suitable for Many Occasions: Our disposable food boxes are suitable for restaurant takeout, packing, holiday parties, cake room and so on. It can hold all kinds of food, such as: fruit and vegetable salad, pasta, fried rice, cakes, boiled food, pasta, fried food, all kinds of fried dishes, etc. It's easy to heat up.
  • Recyclable: Kaderron food servicing containers can replace the cleaning of tableware. It is the best choice for takeout box fast food restaurants, and it is also an ecological and sustainable paper box. Great for packaging carry out hot or cold food.

3 – Compostable Cutlery

Elevate your eco-conscious lifestyle with these compostable cutlery, adding a touch of sustainability to your dining table without compromising on quality or convenience.

Treeatery - Compostable Cutlery, Plant-Based Cutlery Set, Disposable Utensils, 380-Piece Value Pack (180 Disposable Forks, 100 Disposable Spoons, 100 Disposable Knives), BPI-Certified, Charcoal Black Charcoal Black 380 Utensil Set
  • Zero Waste, Zero Guilt - Ditch plastic disposables for good with our CPLA disposable spoons! These plant-based eating utensils and reusable packaging are completely plastic-free, so you can leave no waste and feel no guilt when enjoying your food.
  • Impress with Green Choices - Gatherings and events require various dinnerware pieces. Make a statement when you choose our compostable cutlery for your event. This disposable spoon pack will have your family and friends consider the idea of making a positive impact.
  • Safe and Durable - Our compostable spoons are made from natural sources, withstanding tough foods and high temperatures. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe, so you can reuse them anytime. No need to worry about harmful materials and enjoy using our disposable utensils!
  • Enough Supply for Your Needs - Planning an intimate dinner soon? Or do you have a party to hold at home? With a pack of 500 compostable silverware pieces, you’ll feel reassured you have enough utensils to go around for your guests.
  • We Plant a Tree for Every Box - Deforestation exists in USA and Canada. So join hands with Treeatery and make eco-efforts to address this issue. With every box of our eco disposables bought, 1 tree is planted in deforested areas. Make your dining experience more rewarding.

4 – Disposable Gloves

Make a positive impact on the environment while maintaining hygiene standards with these eco-friendly disposable gloves, because protecting both your hands and the Earth is essential.

5 – Planting Pots

Nurture your green thumb and the planet simultaneously with these eco-friendly planting pots, cultivating sustainable beauty from seed to bloom.

Grow Organiks (8 Inch, 6 Pack Coco Coir Plant Pots, Biodegradable Peat Pots for Seed Starter & Seedling Kit, Small Plant Pots Germination, Mini Planter Cups for Indoor, Outdoor, Organic Planting 1 8 Inch - Pack of 6
  • 🍀SAFE VEGETABLES STRAIGHT FROM YOUR GARDEN:- Grow organiks CoCo Coir Pot are natural & biodegradable cultivation pots made from good quality coconut fibers. Coir pots are environmentally safe and sustainable. It is used for horticulture, in ornamental plants, vine and tree nurseries, as well as for the domestic gardening market.Provide your family with tasty, safe vegetables straight from your backyard.
  • 🍀PERFECT FOR SEEDLINGS & PLANTING:-Coir husk fibers have excellent water holding capacity which aid in maintaining moisture and allows for stronger plant growth. With properties like promoted aeration and encouraged root growth through the pot walls, these coir nursery pots are a great start for your plants.They are light in weight and rich in nutrients like iron, copper, zinc and magnesium.
  • 🍀PERFORMANCE BENEFITS OF COIR POTS:-Renewable alternative to plastic and peat pots with visibly better, faster plant growth and exceptionally strong root system.In Grow Organiks CoCo Coir Pot, the roots quickly penetrate the pot walls. When contact with the air stops the roots from growing, root buds start to appear and secondary roots start to develop throughout the pot. High moisture and nutrient retention makes these great start for growing all plants.
  • 🍀PLANTS WITH THE POT DIRECTLY INTO THE GROUND:- In traditional plastic pots, plants will tend to become root-bound with a tightly interwoven root mass at the bottom of the container. When grown in our Grow Organiks coir fiber pot, the same plant grows healthy roots throughout the entire pot.Once transplanted to ground, the biodegradable coir fibers break down with time without causing any root disturbance.
  • 🍀HAPPY PLANTING:-Enjoy your all new gardening experience with the coco coir pots both indoor and outdoor. Please contact us in case you are not happy and satisfied with our product. We will reach out to you in 24hours.

6 – Cotton Swabs

Clean with care and conscience using these eco-friendly cotton swabs, where every swipe is a step towards a cleaner planet.

2-Pack 625 Count Q-tip Cotton Swabs - Multipurpose, Soft and Firm Cotton Buds for Body Hygiene, Beauty Care, and Tool Cleaning - Bundled with 2 Peaknip Q-tip Holder & Dispenser
  • DEEP CLEANING SOLUTION. Use our Q-Tips Cotton Swabs 1250 count for your gentle clean-up on the go. It is designed to gently remove deep seated dirt & debris in crevices & corners that a regular rag cannot access.
  • VERSATILE & PRACTICAL. These cotton swabs have many convenient & cost-effective applications. It is a cleaning staple for your household. You can use our cotton swabs for applying/removing/touching-up cosmetics, household cleaning for small spaces, & aid for arts & crafts.
  • NATURAL MATERIALS. These Q-tips cotton swabs are made with organic components. It is made with compostable paper sticks & unbleached cotton. You can use our cotton swabs gently on sensitive narrow openings & surfaces.
  • GENTLE & FIRM ENDS. These cotton swabs are so soft & safe but firm enough to have tight ends & fixed round tips. It doesn’t easily fall off that you may worry that your cotton buds are left inside deep openings or on your sensitive electronic devices.
  • A COMPLETE PACKAGE. 2 Packs Qtips Swabs + 2 Qtips Holders: Have these 2 packs of 625 pure cotton Q-Tips swabs with an option to store in a quality transparent plastic container with a lid that never rusts. You can have both Q-tips & its stylish canister in just a single package!

7 – Drinking Straws

Indulge in eco-friendly sipping pleasure with these compostable straws, ensuring a delightful drink experience while preserving the planet.

phade Eco-Friendly 7.75" Jumbo Drinking Straws 3,750 Count - Marine Biodegradable, Compostable, Individually Wrapped, 10 Pack 10 Pack - 3,750 Count
  • Individually wrapped jumbo size for drinks, smoothies, and shakes - At 7.75 inches long and with a 0.219-inch outer diameter, the jumbo phade straw is perfect for all your favorite beverages. Available in single packs of 100 or 375 straws, and bulk cases of 1,200 or 3,750 straws. The jumbo straw is perfect for drinks, smoothies and shakes.
  • Eco-friendly and affordable - phade straws are made from marine biodegradable and home/industrial compostable PHA, making them the smart choice for both the environment and your budget.
  • Made in the USA - with sustainable biopolymer phade straws are the first of their kind in the US, offering superior environmental benefits and the performance of a traditional plastic straw. Ideal for businesses and events - phade straws are an excellent choice for businesses and events that want to showcase their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.
  • Safe and non-toxic - phade straws are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making them safe for both you and the environment. Durable and long-lasting - phade straws are more durable than paper straws and perform just like plastic straws, making them perfect for hot and cold beverages.
  • Orders placed in California, Washington and Maryland will receive phade products packaged as home and industrial compostable in compliance with applicable laws in those states; information provided about this item does not constitute an offer to sell product labeled or packaged as marine biodegradable in California, Washington or Maryland.

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